Hi all Has anyone here considered or has gone down the homeopathy route. Being asked to by my younger brother who is keen that I investigate natural medication but being a bit nervous of this dark art I thought I’d ask you lot whether or not it help in any way. Paul

Scientifically speaking, there’s no way it could possibly work - except through the placebo effect, which can be quite surprisingly powerful. But that may also be true of many alternative therapies - not homeopathy in particular.


P.S. One thing perhaps I could have added in its favour is that as homeopathic remedies contain absolutely no active ingredients by the time they get to you, there’s at least no chance of them harming you. That’s not true of all alternative/complementary therapies.


This ‘Homeopathic A&E’ clip from Mitchell and Webb cheers me up every time, and laughter is the best medicine!


I’d never seen that one! Thanks Alison.


the clip is hilarious!

tho i find it very beneficial. depends on what u want to use it to treat. nausea-i use cocculous homeopathic tabs with brill desired effect. i dont care if its placebo or not-have tried various other ‘mind over matter’ techniques but the cocculous def does something!


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Thank you, Alison !

Hadn’t seen that sketch before. Made me laugh out loud (…think Mitchell & Webb are very funny and very clever !!)

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Conventional medicine offers very little. Diet, Pilates, yoga etc etc., sufferers find beneficial!

No reason not to try homeopathy, don’t give up too early as this condition it chronic, it’s not going to be quick.

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Arnica works well on bruises but I wouldn’t have any confidence is the rest of it, tried once for a sinus problem/migraines - no help whatsoever.

I’m PPMS so don’t get a DMD to treat the MS (=mutiple scars) but still take six other meds to cope with side effects of my scars - I very much doubt that homeopathy to treat six different problems would be worth the costs involved!

Sonia x

I follow an extreme version of homeopathy and just drink plain water, which I find very comforting.

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