was wondering if anyone on here is using natural/alternative ways to treat/heal their health like me?

hi, i’m not on meds so use magnesium tablets and spray to help with spasms also take cannabis with a vaporizer at night for pain and to help me sleep, I also follow the best bet diet not gluten,sugar,dairy and low fat, i feel so much better when on the diet, I also do taichi and lots of execises what help with balance.

The only thing I take is Snake Venom; over 30 years. Watch Dr. Michael Mosley on


Just read your message, didn’t realize anyone had replied. Was starting to think only me wasn’t taking meds. Glad I’m not the only one. I was considering magnesium. I don’t know about your beliefs but have you considered checking out medical medium. I’m on cbd but quite new to it, taking oil. I’m still trying to work out best strength that would work for me.

Just read your message, didn’t think anyone had replied, was starting to think I was only one not taking meds. I’ve been eliminating stuff from my diet and taking some supliments.

The ‘natural’ trajectory of my highly active MS is very unappetising, so I’ll stick with my Tysabri, thanks.

All the same, I do think we can help ourselves a lot by living as healthily as we can. For me that means cutting out sugar, flour and vegetable seed oils (which cuts out processed rubbish at a stroke) while and eating plenty of good meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, full-fat dairy and good oils like olive and avocado. Also as much exercise and fresh air as MS permits and plenty of sleep. I find that my general health has improved markedly, and I’m sure those lifestyle changes give the Tysabri the best chance to do a good job for me. For me, it’s about using all the resources available, and that means drugs and lifestyle, working together.

But whatever floats your boat. We all have do do as we think best.