Natural healing

Thoughts on this anyone?

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Hi Annelda,

Without knowing what the moderator edited, which was presumably a link to some product or other, it’s difficult to say.

The body does do a certain amount of “natural healing” - i.e. it tries to repair the MS damage. It’s just that eventually, it tends to get overwhelmed by the amount of repair necessary. Personally, I’d steer clear of most (all?) products or therapies claiming to promote “natural healing” of MS. I don’t think they will do any better job than the body already does, with adequate rest, nutrition etc.

Anyway, if it involves taking something (I’m only guessing, as I don’t know what the rest of your post said), why is it “more natural” - or safer - than a prescribed drug? Much of conventional medicine at least had its origins in nature, even if it’s produced synthetically now. And “natural” does not necessarily mean safe, as there are many deadly toxins in nature. A prescription drug will have undergone rigorous testing for both safety and effectiveness. A “natural remedy” almost certainly won’t.

I’m sorry if I’m way off track here. As I say, having to guess the content of a now largely non-existent post. But if it got deleted, I’m guessing it was something that would have counted as marketing.



Tina, sounds right to me, rather try something that has been tested by experts for probably 15years, mind you they are tested better now than the 60s, thank god, there’s nothing natural about ms, so can’t imagine anything natural will help?? Why is it that all the clever people that find something to help me want lots of money, my doctors just said we think this might help, if not we will try something else, good old nhs.

I don’t know why this post has been removed, maybe it was someone or some company trying to target vulnerable people. But then again it could be someone just trying to pass on information that would benefit some. I would hope it has not been removed because these things have not been tested properly, like for e.g. statins, which are promoted as the biggest medical breakthrough this century in the fight against heart disease, in fact, these claims are now highly disputed and we were not told about all the side-effects.

Obviously some drugs help some people, sometimes but to say prescription drugs are any safer because of rigourous testing, I’m afraid, is not true. Drugs are tested by the drug companies that produce them, the people that will financially benefit from the sales are the ones who tell you that they are safe.

Deaths from safe, prescription drugs now outnumber traffic facilities in the US.

To quote from Graham 100:

“Why is it that all the clever people that find something to help me want lots of money ,”

Well, one answer could be because there is no cure for MS (or Parkinsons, or Dementia, or several other neurological conditions, All we have is medication to relieve the symptoms, or to reduce (but not stop) relapses. This makes it very easy for the snake oil sales types to offer a “cure”.

All too often, the people who believe them will make comments like:
“None of the existing MS drugs will cure MS”.
This statement is perfectly true - but what they do not say is that none of the existing drugs claim to cure MS.

In the US, there are people who argue for all the wonder diets (“Beat MS - buy my book and find out how”), and it has always interested me that none of them want to mention Terry Wahls. Dr Wahls is, of course, the only one who actually publishes in reputable scientific journals, and her protocol includes more than just diet.

Oh, and don’t be so quick to knock the statins, mickman, they are about twice as effective as diet at reducing chloresterol.