magnesium oil

I have been in a lot of pain since my last attack and just wanted to say that I have been using magnesium oil for 2 weeks now, which I rub into my legs a few times a day. Coincidence or not the pain is more manageable and I have been able to drive for short distances and pop to a shop, which I haven’t done in months. This maybe just that the relapse passing but I thought other people may want to try this for themselves. Zoe

Hi Zoe

Thank you for this. I remember a long time ago somebody else was singing the praise of magnesium. I’m a great believer in vitamins and minerals so I’ll think about adding it to my concoction.


Magnesium Oil has been highly recommended to me this week. The people who recommended it are amazed at the instant relief pain this oil gives. Zoe, I hope you continue to feel better.

I take Gabapentin for neuro pain and it helps a lot, but I’ll be buying some of this oil this week. As a newie to MS diagnosis, I’m only just learning about which vitamins, minerals, foods etc will be beneficial.

lf you google vitamin d3 magnesium you will get a lot of info explaining how necessary it is to take the both for ms. l take 750mg at night - it helps with ‘restless legs’ and pain. l have not heard of the magnesium oil but shall look into it. l do know that a handful of magnesium salts [epsom salts] in your bath helps relax muscles. Or just in a bowl to soak your feet. lf you google vitamin d magnesium there is lots of info.

Thanks for the tip about the oil.


where did you get the magnesium oil from?

boots only have calcium with magnesium

carole x

if anyone can help please pm me

Holland and Barrett magnesium spray oil xx

Amazon…magnessium oil spray…just this minute ordered some. Free delivery too !! Xx

The Magnesium Oil Spray - l have just ordered from Amazon as well. We shall have to all report back next weekend and compare results. l read some of the many reviews on Amazon - and apart from relief of aches and pains in joints there were lots of comments about how good it is for migraine sufferers.

I already take magnessium as a supplement, so I’m hoping that this double whammy will help the pain of muscle spasms in my legs. Will report back when it arrives. Xx

Oh my life…it has just arrived…and bloomin stinks !! I’m going to have our house smelling like a vets !! Hee hee…hubby’s gonna live this one !!

The one I have is best for you magnesium oil from Holland and Barrett or amazon, there’s no smell if you find the one you have to much. Xx

Thanks Zoe…but that’s the one I bought !! Hee hee…am soooo looking forward to MrH’s reaction tonight !!

Maybe I smell and didn’t realise oh the joys x

Mine arrived today - lts called Better for you - magnesium oil - and it does not smell at all!! l have already rubbed it into my painful knee - about 4hrs ago - and it does feel more comfortable. Shall be annointing myself with it at bedtime. lt does not feel greasy either.


Mine is absolutely rank !! I’m seriously debating what MrH’s reaction is gonna be !!

Mines better for you as well just looked, no smell asked my husband .

Ok, I’m gonna have to order that one instead. I just waved the open bottle under hubby’s nose…he spluttered, went a funny colour and said absolutely no way, under any circumstances is that “stuff” coming anywhere near him. He said he’d rather be kicked to death than die of noxious fumes !! Think that’s the end of that…and a waste if a tenner !!

So…try not to lose control of your bladders here…I just checked mine and with utter disbelief, it bloomin is the better for you one too…WTF… So how come nobody else’s smells…like am I going totally loopy…so she checks Amazon again and there’s only two bloomin different ones and guess what…I only went and bout the one with added menthol by accident instead of the original one !!!

Anyone want a free magnesium oil spray ? !!! Pm me with address and I’ll pop it in post. First come, first served.

snake oil?