I read this forum all the time but dont post that often. I just wondered if many of you guys have had reflexology and have you found any benefits from it. How often do you have it done? I am thinking of trying it and wondered if you need a few tries before you notice any difference? Clare

Hi like most things, acupuncture works differently on differently people.

I`ve tried it 3 times and only had very little benefit.

I dont think it can harm, so good luck hun.


Hi Clare

I have it once a month and would have it more often if I could afford it, I also have some massage on my neck beforehand which helps the pain in my back. It’s the same as tai chi and Alexander Technique, it relaxes the body which in turn helps with pain and spasms.It also relaxes the mind, so personally I’ve found that it’s no good going if you are agitated, or have grave anxiety as It’s just a waste of money, reflexology is one of the things that has helped me deal with MS.

Good luck with it, it’s all about taking care of yourself as you are worth it.

Wendy x

I’ve had it done 3 times, while I’ve never found any benefit, it is very relaxing.l

Just back from my second foot rub, very pleasant and I guess stimulating the nerve endings cant be bad although the best the result will come from by having this as part as an overall wellness plan to keep us moving the joints and muscles to get the blood circulating. All trial and error I guess. Peter

Thanks for your replies I have had it last night and found it very relaxing and the swelling on my feet is a lot better today. I have booked another one for next week.