Hello everyone!

Just enjoyed a session of reflexology…after missing it for 4 weeks, as my therapist was on hols down under.

My feet were puffy and tight and she has given them an extra good seeing to!

At first I could barely feel her touch, so asked her why it was so. She said as she had missed a few sessions, she thought she`d go gentle…I said to go harder…I must be a so and so for punishment …

I sure felt it after that…but I kept thinking to myself, as I listened to the cd of the rain forest…go on, empty those claggy drainage channels!

Feels better now. I thoroughly recommend this therapy, especially for those of us who can`t walk and feel clogged up!

luv Pollx

hi poll

thanks for this.

i keep intending to try reflexology but never get around to it.

will definitely try it next week.

carole x

Hi, had another session today…ooo she`s got magic hands!

well worth the dosh…£25.


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I also recommend it too, along with other holistic approaches such as crystal massage therapy and indian head massage.

I have been going to see the same lady for 2 years now and a few weeks ago she offered me a job as an apprentice holistic therapist! So at the grand old age of 43 and not working for 14 years Im now back at college studying Anatomy and Physiology and one day in the salon gaining experience! If I’d not got MS this wonderful opportunity would never have happened for me!

Jane x

I see my therapist once a month for 25 minutes of reflexology and 25 minutes of reiki. I lay on the couch, close my eyes for 50 minutes of relaxation…heaven

PS; There is some areas of my feet that feel a bit sore during the massage but it’s not unbearably painful and it’s improving with each visit.


Sorry Poll! meant to say, glad to hear that you are enjoying the therapy.

I do miss the edit tab

Hi bloss, it hurts when she does the tops of my big toes! Almost as if she is digging her nails in. I asked her about it and she said it is my over sensitive nerve endings. She did it more softly, but it didnt feel as good, if you get what I mean!

Luv pollx

Hi Jane. That is wonderful news. Good for you! In it weird how good can come out of bad. You go girl!!

Luv Pollx

Hi All l get my feet done most weeks at our MS drop in lovely they do a full range of therapy. It is good for relaxation l could fall asleep really is heaven we pay £5 for about 20mins. take care regards Jan xx