Pins & needles / Reflexology

Hi all, Ever since my diagnosis in 2007 I have (like many of you I’m sure) had the annoying pins and needles sensation in my toes/feet. I have tried acupuncture but to no avail. I have had it suggested to me that reflexology could prove helpful and was wondering if anyone else has tried this and found it useful? Is this also something available on the NHS? Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken, I used to go to a day care centre where i had free reflexology sessions. They were so relaxing. I dont know if they would help with pins and needles tho`.

since being discharged from the centre, I have missed the reflexology and have enquired about the cost for private sessions. At around £30 a time, it is out of my reach.

I doubt that we can get it on the NHS.

It was my MS nurse who referred me to the centre.

Why not ask your`s, if you have one, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Ken

I have reflexology and as Poll says it is very relaxing. However, I am also unable to comment as to how effective it is with pins and needles.

I know my local MS Therapy Center provides reflexology at £10 a session.

I hope you find some relief soon


Hi I have reflexology from time to time and also have the dreaded pins and needles in my feet and legs since being dx. Though it is very very relaxing it dosent help with the pins and needles, (for me anyway) but if you get the opportunity go for it.

Kim x

Hi, I also have pins and needles and receive reflexology every couple of weeks. I can’t say it makes it go away but must say it has not got any worse over a few years of suffering pins and needles so scared to give up my reflexology just incase. It is certainly relaxing and would recommend it. Hope you find something to help soon :0) Sam x

Thanks for all of your replies and opinions on reflexology. I think I will give my local therapy centre a call and see if this is something that they can offer or advise me further on. Thanks once again everyone. Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2013 is a happy one for us all. Ken