Reflexology on NHS

Hi everyone, hope today is being kind.

Can anyone tell me if you can get reflexology on the NHS? I have been having private treatment but it is very expensive. I would like to try and carry on with it, as I do feel benefits but can’t afford to carry on privately. Any thoughts? Linda x

Hi Linda,

I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t have thought so, as I doubt it is NICE recommended.

You can get acupuncture on the NHS in some cases, but I’ve not heard of reflexology.

I wonder if you have a local MS therapy centre? I have never tried mine, but I think it does offer reflexology (or used to - not sure if it was on the list last I looked).

Yours might do it.

If it does, you would still have to pay - I don’t think therapies are free - but it would almost certainly not be as much as on the open market.

Hope this might help,



Hi, I have a weekly session of reflexology and really enjoy it and feel the benefits.

I do pay £25 a time, so yes, it is expensive. I pay for it with Direct Payments.

I used to get it free at a hospice, but was discharged after 2 years, as they had a waiting list.

Do some googling to try to find out yeh?


Have you got a local College near where you live. Some of the students training in holistic therapies are quite well advanced but don’t charge as much for giving the treatment. They need the practise to pass the courses.


NHS? I shouldn’t think so. Do you have an MS Therapy Centre anywhere near you? They tend to offer heavily subsidized alternative therapy sessions of all sort of nice things. Failing that, I suppose it’s a bit late, but you could drop Christmas present hints…?


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Poll’s suggestion is the one to follow - look at your local college and see if they have a hair and beauty section. As they do teach reflexology. And they are usually desperate to get enough ‘guinea pigs’. The students need a certain amount of case-studies to get their diploma. They also do aroma-therapy. And also sports injury massage which is great for getting muscles working better.

They do make a small charge.