Does anyone know a MS reflexologist in Hastings or nearby area? Cant seem to find a list of therapists we have access to thanks.



Is Ashford/Canterbury to far for you?

Hi Vezza,

Not quite sure what you mean by “an MS reflexologist” or “therapists we have access to”.

I suspect there are very few, if any, dedicated “MS reflexologists”, as, although there are said to be 100,000 of us, not all are interested in reflexology, and there just wouldn’t be enough potential customers to make it a sustainable profession.

I believe most people with MS who have an interest in this alternative therapy just pick a reflexologist, instead of an “MS reflexologist”, which would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Your local MS therapy centre - IF you have one - may offer sessions with a reflexologist - but that would not make them an “MS reflexologist”, although it would demonstrate they do have an interest.

And “therapists we have access to” sounds as if you think this might be free to people with MS. If it’s at the MS therapy centre (which has nothing to do with the NHS) it might be offered at a free or subsidised rate - I think most centres expect you to contribute something.

As far as I know, it’s not a therapy offered by the NHS - unlike acupuncture, which may be available on the NHS in some cases.

So that means it’s either the MS therapy centre - if you have one, and IF they do reflexology. Or else you just look on and pick a reflexologist, and pay the going rate. It would be sensible to explain you have MS, and check that’s not an issue. I think most reflexologists would happily take you, but they need to know there is an underlying health problem.


Hi Vezza,

The MS centre in Canterbury can help. I can give you details. I appreciate its a trek through Rye, Ashford or Folkestone but otherwise I guess the nearest to you would be around Brighton.

Tina is right, any reputable reflexologist in your area should be able to assist. Your GP surgery may have some names.

There is somewhere around Battle that I was recommended some time ago, I’ll try to remember it for you.

All the best.