Physio Recommendations


We were after any recommendations for a home visit Physio in the Brighton area for someone with very advanced MS - they;re pretty much unable to move anything on their own. Basically anyone who has relevant experience rather than the general Physio stuf that comes up on Google.

Many thanks

In West Sussex we have a community neurological team which includes physios. Obviously they are experienced in neurological physiotherapy, including quite advanced MS as well as stroke and Parkinson’s. Is there the equivalent for the East Sussex area? Maybe you could ask their MS nurse, assuming the person with MS has a specialist nurse. If they don’t, perhaps that would be the first step in finding an appropriate physiotherapist, getting an MS nurse sorted out. You could ask the GP? Or any other medical services s/he uses.


There is certainly an East Sussex community team. Consisting of Occupational Therapist, community nurses, Neuro-physiotherapists, Wheelchair therapist, ms nurses etc. I would contact their surgery for info’ or it’s listed on the web.