Physio and exercises

Someone please tell me how on earth does one get hep with exercises, help of Neuro Physio. I need motivation. I cannot safely exercise by myself. I feel abandoned and wilting away. Maybe it’s because it’s MS and we are supposed to be used to doing things on our own accord, pushing for things when we can barely do anything. Im alone and struggling

Are you in the U.K.? Your MS nurse should be able to get some physio, but this is often fairly limited and a neuro physio is very difficult to find.
Being part of a group is very helpful but is very dependent on where you live. There are some exercises on the MS Trust and MS Society websites which should help but you will need to search a bit to find something that suits you.
All this is very important for your long term health There as re plenty of online classes but it is probably best to explore the resources I have pointed you at as there are a lot of sites that are after your money.

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If you can afford it (£50 a session), I found that going to an Osteopath was so much better than a neurophysio. Instead of a chat and a printed sheet of recommended exercises, they get stuck in and more on the joints with knowledge & precision. So effective, one can contemplate other exercise after some of the stiffness has been eased away.

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Thank you, I will give that a go.
Does the osteopath need a speciality in MS?

It helps! My Osteopath has experience including “symptoms related to autoimmune disorders and degenerative conditions”. She’s one of 4 in the practice. One is a Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist rather than an Osteopath and the other two Osteo’s have emphasis in other areas.

You won’t get an NHS referral and most Osteo’s don’t work with Private Health because the Health Insurers are too stingy with the rates they are willing to pay. You may find a neurologist willing to give a personal recommendation, or get searching for Osteo’s locally and look for one whose bio suggests the right bias.

Thank you I will start searching

I do physio exercises for my vertigo but it hasnt helped yet , its got worse x

The turning point for me was when I started using telehealth services for online consultations. It was a bit strange at first, having appointments over a video call, but it allowed me to get the professional guidance I needed without having to leave my home. The physiotherapist I worked with, Mr.David Koretchuk, was incredibly supportive, setting up exercise routines that I could manage on my own, ensuring they were safe and effective.

I think it’s well worth seeing a NHS Physiotherapist, if you’re fortunate enough to have the chance, just to start you off on a regular exercise routine.
I prefer to make my own exercise routine bespoke: I added single step-ups, as I find walking much too strenuous these days, I like to use hand grips and light dumbbells, to exercise my arms and I’ve ditched the balance exercises simply because, I have a tendency to lose my balance and fall over, I don’t want to injure myself.
Happy exercising, good luck, go for it!