Physiotherapy / neuro rehab

Well, I had my first in person physiotherapy session today, at the Sir George Sharp Unit at Cameron Hospital Fife (this is the main neurology physio rehab unit for NHS Fife). I had previously had a couple of online consultations with the same clinic, but I certainly felt better getting a face to face appointment.

So I’ve a few more exersises to do to improve my strength and mobility, and as the physio said, regardless of my eventual diagnosis (MS? FND? Other?) the physio can only help to improve my strength and mobility.

One thing I did find very interesting was that if I slowed my walking down a lot, and concentrated on each movement individually, I wasn’t as unsteady! So I think it’s going to be a long road to get back to full fitness, but I certainly feel more confident for the future though.



You sound in a better place already. well done!

Finding your own way through is the way to go.

Slowing down and concentrating on each movement is a fantastic tip for other weebles (wobble but don’t fall down).

I began MS having lots of falls and realised that I had always lurched forward and set off at speed.

I learned to stand perfectly still for a minute or two and set off slowly.

That was the best adaptation that I came up with for myself.

Good luck for the future and enjoy your fitness.

Carole x

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It takes more effort to do things slowly. My Neuro Physiotherapist always said it was more important to do an exercise right a few times rather than wrong many times.

I now think of exercises as being split into types

  1. Directed to help with brain plasticity (working around damage)
  2. Restoring strength in problem areas
  3. Restoring core strength
  4. Improving endurance (keeping you breathing harder)

If you go to the gym it is very tempting to use the different machines, but you can end up looking better but still falling over!

I have been up and down. I try to keep an open mind. I was very lucky to have a long established exercise class 5 minutes from my house. Now doing specialist Yoga and Pilates on line. Both the MS Society and MS Trust have resources online.

If you are one of the lucky ones, exercise really helps. We all tend to end up sitting too much and this alone would damage our health even if we didn’t have MS. My exercise group has people in their 80s with MS, I suspect they would be less healthy if they hadn’t had it over the years.

I’m a software developer, and I had back pain for almost a year.
I’ve done many things to treat it, and nothing gave me a better result. I did a lot of research and surf the web to find a permanent cure.
Then I found a blog about physiotherapy and its advantages. My wife also said that it’s worth trying. Now I had a couple of sessions, and it feels good. The doctor also suggested buying a new chair that gives better support. It does feel uncomfortable after long hours of work. But the physiotherapy treatment and yoga practice help me a lot. I do recommend physiotherapy treatments for others having back pain.