physio at home!

Hello to all of you out there in the MS wonderland! I have an unusual request but please bear with me.

Like many of you I am trapped at home with my symptoms, or I should say deteriorating symptoms. In order to keep the inevitable at bay I am desperately looking for a physiotherapist to visit me at home. The aim would be to keep as much mobility as I have currently, rather than attempting any kind of exercise to help me get better. I have had physios at home before, but of course they are all trained to improve symptoms rather than alleviate them.

I know this won’t be cheap and have already made several cutbacks in other areas so that I can afford this. If any of you are using a physio or know of one who doesn’t mind coming over to East London I would be very grateful!

The physios I have dealt with all asked what it is I want to achieve from the session, so they have a clear idea what areas to work on, and can suggest a suitable programme. In Tower Hamlets there is a NHS community neuro team, which includes physios and they are perfectly happy to make home visits. Perhaps there is a similar service in your area?

Failing that it might be worth contacting your local MS Therapy Centre, as they offer physiotherapy and may know if any do private work.

I hope you find an answer to your question, because physio really does work.