physio issue advice needed

Hi there

Been reading lots of helpful posts this evening as had a couple of bad days on the sofa, and all your fab advice and positivity really helps…thankyou to you all.

I’m in that wonderful place of limboland, and currently working with my second opinion neuro who is trying to help investigate my ms like symptoms (teamed with action myoclonic jerks) but with all clear on all tests so far. I have been ill since feb 2016, and since christmas last year I started to have to use a wheelchair as my mobility has got progressively worse. New neuro really wants me to return to physio…old physio discharged me feb this year saying he didn’t know how to help me as exercises make me worse. He tried hydrotherapy with me too but that made my mobility, fatigue and general unwellness even worse, so after a few sessions had to stop (had to get carried out of the pool in the last session as spasms got so bad).

I dont know what to do. On one hand I am scared to go back to physio as it sets me back, sometimes for days (and I have a job, young kids to look after, and don’t want to burden my hubby anymore than I already do), but on the other I am worried that I am now probably getting deconditioned through lack of exercise, so its difficult to tell if there is progression of my symptoms or just too much sitting on the sofa creating my Homer Simpson wedge!

I would really appreiciate hearing about any physio problems and how you overcame them…I read everywhere that physio is so important and helps ms immensely, so maybe this is a big clue towards it not being ms?

kaz xxx

hi kaz

although i’m diagnosed with RRMS i don’t take well to physio.

before ms i used to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, doing lots of cardio vascular stuff.

i did weekly yoga class and also pilates.

now if i go to the gym i can’t reduce what i do and end up overdoing it.

to be honest nowadays just getting up in the morning is enough exertion.

i’m 59 and have had ms for at least 9 years.

pilates is brilliant for the core and that is what people with ms need.

my problem is getting onto the floor and especially getting back up.

see if there is a class near to you - pilates or yoga.

also t’ai chi is brilliant to help you balance and is a gentle exercise.

any classes that you sign up for - tell the teacher about your ms.

they are great and mine used to start each session by asking if anyone had a health issue they would like to discuss in private.

she would then give 3 options for each exercise (easy, standard and advanced).

good luck in finding an exercise that is right for you.

carole x

Dear Carole

thankyou so much for taking the time to respond. I hadn’t thought about t’ai chi…definitely worth a try! Perhaps I could even find a video (I can’t drive anymore) to have a go!

I was like you re fitness, and used to relish getting loads of productivity out of everyday including building a house in every spare moment when not at work, my family used to tell me off for not putting my feet up enough, but I was always happiest when busy and active…life has a funny way of working out sometimes! Positivity is the thing I hang onto the hardest, and I’m sure exercise would help that too :)!

hi again kaz

you’re right to hold onto positivity.​

it’s a frame of mind and easier to hold onto than a healthy body!

i really hope you find the right exercise for you.

is there a friend who might go to a class with you.

i had different friends for each one i did.

even better if it’s someone who drives so you can get there easily.

carole x

Its easier to hold onto than a nicely toned bod too!!! Oh well…worse things happen at sea!! I’ll just to eat another custard cream instead!!!

Another good plan re getting a friend into going too…thankyou! i could always try bribery with them if all else fails :)!

kaz x