Morning everyone, my name is Sylvia & I live in Birmingham

i have SP MS my legs are getting weaker & balance poorer resulting in several falls. In order to keep my independence I would like to get myself off the floor when I fall. I can transfer butt not walk also I can stand when holding on to grab rails. Can somebody recommend a good physiotherapist that will visit me at home to help me with improving my leg strength & balance.thank you in advance.


Any advise please

Do you have a community neurological team including physiotherapists in your area. I am fortunate in that I do (South coast so not much help if you don’t, sorry).

Where I am the physio will visit and devise a program of exercise.

However, I am I think in much the same situation as you. I can only walk a few metres, and that’s with the help of FES and a walker, and even then I’m leaning pretty badly on the walker. I use a wheelchair most of the time, can transfer but make heavy use of grab bars and frames.

If I fall, I haven’t a chance in hell of standing. I had an infection a few months ago and my knees just gave way suddenly twice. The first time, my OH and I tried to get me up, but failed, so had to get paramedic help. The second time, we didn’t even try, just dialled 999 straightaway. They had to use an electric blow up cushion thing to get me up.

I fall very rarely mostly because my mobility is so limited, so I don’t do things that are unsafe.

I would love to be able to get off the floor once down, but I think it’s beyond the help of physiotherapy.

I hope you find the help you’re looking for. Would a referral from your GP help you to get a physio who could visit you?


Thank you for your advice sue I will contact my MS nurse


Hi Sylvia,

I was referred my my MS nurse to a neuro physiotherapist who gave me lots of exercises to do.

She also signed me up to the hospital gym for a six week course with tailored exercises.Was then transferred to the local council gym for the weekly neuro session. Again exercises tailored to my needs, Lots of people who have had strokes, MS, brain injuries. Was really good fun and got to know quite a few people. I then changed my working hours so can’t go any more.

Ask your MS nurse.

Good luck

Jen x

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Thank you Jen, I think home physio will be all I can manage.