Help after a fall

Ok, so i’m staying with my mother who has secondry progressive and can hardly walk. She falls alot, and it’s horrible to come home and see her lying on the floor.

Is there an easy way to help her up? Last time I really tried to help but i was scared to hurt her. Also she couldn’t move her feet or legs and ended up just lying there in the hall way for an hour till she had the strenght to drag her self to the couch.

She deserves so much more then this.

How do i help her off the floor without hurting her body and pride? Is there anything I can get her for when i’m not here?

Any help Is apprciated.


If your mum is havng repeated falls, then my advice is she needs referring for an assessment. Encourage your mum to see her gp and perhaps offer to go with her. There is absolutely no need for your mum to be putting up with this, she is entitled to and needs help.

Good luck xx

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I have SPMS and if I fall I can’t get up for a while either.

I made an appointment with my ms nurse and she referred me to my local neuro rehab centre, where I was given exercises for core strength and balance. It’s still early days but hopefully things will improve.

I also got to see an OT and she has arranged to get aides for the house.

There is help out there.

Mags xx

I agree get in touch with social work to arrange a home visit to see what aids and alarms there might be to help her. If ure mum hasn’t been in touch with social work before just call your local council and ask for the duty social worker and then explain the situation to them.

In the mean time when you mum falls, if she has strength in her arms, take a kitchen chair too her, try and get her to go on her knees and pull herself up and you can assist to help her get in to the chair until she feels like she can go again.

This is is just a suggestion but you might want to think about going on a people moving and handling course. Lots of handy tips to help your mum. Contact your local carers centre, college or council for details of a course near you.

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My wife, Catherine, has MS, and falls frequently, she fell 4 times on sunday past, like, the original post, she has trouble with her balance, and has lost the power of her right leg, Kirsty Miller, has the answer, contact the social work and get an alarm fitted, it is only £5 a month, and is a godsend, it is really worth while looking into, good luck,