A reflexologist has joined the salon where I have my hair cut. Has anyone had reflexology, and if so did it help with your symptoms?

Hi GailMarie, reflexology no I haven’t tried that. I would be hopeless, I am so ticklish, just the thought of it makes me want to giggle.

That said I would be interested to hear from others too, if others have found it useful then I might be open to consider trying it. Perhaps it is something that can be done at home.

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Ha! @Rogue If it tickles and makes you giggle, they’re probably doing it wrong! :wink:

I have a weekly session with an osteopath which is wonderful. She loosens me up enough to make other exercise & stretching possible. Miles better than a physio. She also uses some reflexology techniques on my feet and it definitely makes my feet tingle although frankly, the work she does on my lower back, hips & thighs makes my feet tingle more. Best of both worlds! Last week, I even managed to leave without my stick (though I didn’t get far…) :astonished:


I’d never thought of an osteopath although I am being referred for physio. I will keep thinking. I have just had a letter inviting me to my first newly diagnosed clinic. Hopefully these are the sort of things I can ask then.

Heaven, that sounds great. Will definitely look into osteopathy, anything to ease out the crunches, creaks and spasms. Walking unaided even for a few steps, what an achievement… watch this space :blush:

@GailMarie68, @Rogue It’s important to note that Osteopaths are private-only - you won’t get a referral from NHS GP or hospital. Private health care would be a long shot too as the rates they want to pay are about 2/3 of what osteopaths charge private individuals plus a long wait for payment, so most osteopaths have stopped taking business from private health co’s.

I got a referral from GP to physio’s and later from MS Nurse to specialist neurophysio and they only wanted to chat and print off some exercise sheets. Osteopaths get stuck in and work your joints and loosen everything up. I pay £45 a session and go once a week. That’s a lot really but it’s my one luxury item these days. It works for me!

Yes, totally get what you are saying. Recently post shoulder surgery, I had face to face appointments and then exercises sent via text, quite useless to be honest,

I am happy to pay private, particularly if the result is one where I actually feel relief no matter how brief :blush: