Going private with MS

Enquiring if anyone has experience of any private clinics who specialise in treating MS in the UK

Did approach a clinic in Mexico for stem cells but was a bit unsure of success and backed out.

The NHS is free and good but overstretched.

I only see my neurologist once a year for 30 minutes and then see the MS nurse for bloods etc every 3 months.


Might be worth calling your Neuros Secretary and ask to book you in for an appointment, either NHS or private (aprox. £150 for half an hour chat). You’ll have a good idea of what to expect plus potential costs of Private. Other Neuros within the UK could also be recommended by your own Neurologist. No harm in calling eh? Chrissie

Hi Bertie,

I have had a couple of private consultations with neurologists.

1 was to expedite a consultation with the same Neuro I was seeing under NHS. A complete waste of time and money, the only benefit was a dodgy cup of coffee and handshake. He was as useless as ever.

The second was after a recommendation. This Neurologist is brilliant, straight talking and I have complete confidence in him. He then referred me to his NHS practice.

So it is like many things a huge game of chance. In my opinion it is well worth consideration.

Good luck


Thank you Chrisse and Mick.

Will pursue your recommendations and see if it gets me anywhere, just need to break this circular tour I am on.

I am sure I can improve my walking by 10% with some positive new guidance and help.


If you want to improve walking, then think getting assessed by a decent physio is a far better option. Keeping your muscles as strong as possible can only help.

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Great point whammel, a good physio is a brilliant idea, I have also invested in some exercise kit at home so I can do some exercises whenever the feeling overcomes me.

As a lazy so and so I need to reduce my options of getting out of the exercise.


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Hear, hear whammel, A decent physio whether NHS / Private is certainly the way to go. It’s paramount that you need stretch your leg muscles especially your tummy muscles. It’s very true use it or loose it!

Thanks everyone

I have been having physio for over 6 years with the NHS on and off and with private ones but they become a bit stale after while and routine.

The present lady who I see once or twice week who came via the MS Society is excellent.

I also stick to my own exercise program daily and do sit down pilates every 2 weeks.

Mogace what is your exercise kit is there anything which would interest me, I spent most of my time sat on a kitchen stool in the kitchen watching TV but do have a tiny bike which I bought off Amazon for under £40 and can peddle while watching the TV.

Thanks everyone you have cheered me up and I feel so positive and the SUN IS SHINING so I am going to try to walk to the lamp post which is 20 meters from my house with my 4 wheel rollator, not done that since January 19.

Got my phone if can`t make it back.



I use a Medimotion Viva 2 exercise bike. Pretty expensive but very sophisticated. I can exercise my legs or my arms, it is smart enough to detect spasm and when I am too tired to do the work, the motor takes over to keep my limbs moving. I love having it at home, so I can jump on straight out of or before bed and I can jump off (figuratively speaking) straight into the bathroom.

Highly recommended but pricey. The way I did it was using their interest free quarterly rental/payment so that once the cost is covered it is mine.


Thanks Mike will check it out

Made it back to lamp post