is private worth it

Hi just wondering if anyone else has gone private. I don’t have insurance so wonder how much an appointment would cost? Can you transfer back to nhs easily?? A few receptionists have suggested that if private i would see my neurologist in a couple of weeks but on nhs will be after Christmas. After a doctor in a&e basically indicating he agrees with neuros tentative suggestion it could be ms i now feel i just want to know but fas i went to London hospital last time to see him have been discharged from local hospital so having to get seen as new referral. Gp has taken 3 weeks to fill the form in and only did so after a few phoncalls from me last week. Am really fed up with the system. Just wondering if there are ways round it and how much they cost. Sorry bit of a ramble just feeling really frustrated and want some answers.

I went private after initial MRI and paid 200 pounds. Waste of time with the neuro I had but the NHS one I have now is fab. They will see u privately and all treatment can be done via NHS…depends on how quickly u want results … Good luck Kate X

Hi Sheena - of course you want answers quickly, that’s totally understandable. At my GPs they give patients a ‘Choose and Book’ number with a choice of several hospitals which have various waiting lengths. I managed to book an appointment for today only 18 days ago. Your surgery should be using the same system. You can go anywhere you want to not only your most local hospital. Obviously if you go too far you’re then tied to that but it may be worth it for now. You should ask for these options.

I was recently told that an initial private appointment is about £200 - £250. You can dip in and out of private/NHS which may be necessary because the scans and tests are far more expensive.

Good luck!

You need to remember that you (mostly) see the same people privately as on the NHS. That means that some of them are good and some of them are bad, but they all charge a lot of money. So picking the right neuro is really important - you don’t want to waste the money! I recommend that you use the “Near me” function on here to find a respected MS specialist in your area. (Btw, if you are on the west side of London, then Dr Richard Nicholas gets great reviews.)

Most private neuros also work on the NHS so what tends to happen is that the first consultation is private, but then the neuro transfers you to his/her NHS clinic.

Karen x

Hi Sheena, my neuro works from a NHS hospital not too far away from me and also privately.

My first private appointment with him was £240 and he referred me for tests on the NHS. Subsequent private appointments are £120 and I use these if I don’t feel I can wait for months for my results. I think it is worth every penny!

Maybe if you tell us whereabouts you are people might be able to message you with details of neuro’s they find to be ok?

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Hi, back in 1999, after my GP telling me there was a 10 month waiting list to see a neuro on the NHS, I paid £175 to see a private one within a couple of weeks. He gave me a good hour`s talk and examination. he ordered tests on NHS, but I paid a further £75 to get results of an MRI more quickly.

Everything after that was NHS. I do think it is worth paying if you cant get in sooner.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

See if your practise will use choose & book system, that way you could have a choice of hospitals and find the one with earliest appointment, I found it helpful, might be worth a go before paying out for private. Hope you get something soon, it’s horrid and scary