Just been to,d I have MS

Just popped on to say hello.

I saw a private GP,routine bloods done, referral to private neurologist and then paid for my MRI. I have had symptoms for a long time and episodes that I now know were Ms. Reason that I went private was I wasn’t being listened to by my GP and was very worried. Referrals to neurologist takes 6-12 months plus waiting for MRI . I worked extra shifts,saved where I could and it’s the best money I’ve spent .

I have lesions on brain and neck.neurologist has given me a 5 day course of steroids as the last 2 weeks I have got worse.At the appointment he introduced me to the MS nurse and now being put NHS treatment plan.

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Hi, I’m pre-diagnosis and am interested in going the private route. Could you PM the name of the private GP so I can make my own enquires.

Commiserations on joining the club.

You’ve definitely been proactive, keep it up and hang on in :sunglasses: