Hi guys, just had a lovely lady come to house and do me a reflexology treament.

Oh it was soooo deep and sooooo sooooothing!

When she got to my big toe, I had to say it was sharp and sore…she said that`s your brain area…are you over thinking something?

Well, now that`s an understatement!

Our youngest is getting ready for a custody battle for our 2 granddaughters. Her ex is being the biggest #### going! His behaviour is bizarre and just not on …not on at chuffin` all!

So yeh, I needed that treatment.

Gonna have it every week. Loverrrly!

luv POllxx

Glad you enjoyed it Poll, I’ve had a taster session and loved it. I went with a friend for an indian head massage last week…lurvleee

Sorry to hear about the custody battle, that is going to be stressful.

Keep enjoying the therapy


Thats great news Poll - about the reflexology. Did you sleep better afterwards? lt would do your hubby good too. We all need a bit of spoiling now and again. And it works -

Are you watching Wimbledon - if so - are you dressed up for it - [hopefully not in a pac-a-mac like some years] and with strawberries and cream and a glass of Pimms.

Lovely Poll, I like it too. Hope the custody battle goes well for you.

Moyna xxx

I slept for 12hours solid after my first session…I also had a wee that lasted an awful long time don’t know where it all came from!..sorry if that’s too much info. Best wishes to your Daughter. Jan

Read your message. Would you recommend reflexology. I was diagnosed over 4 yrs ago with ms. Didnt bother me too much as i could cope. But past 6 months have been bad. And today i have no balance at all. I cant even stand. And also have terrible pain down my face which i believe is trigeminal neuralgia. Have been prescribed 5 day course steroids and waiting to be seen by physio. But someone mentioned reflexology to me and dont know much about it. And how it can help. Will it help with balance and coordination. X

Ooooh! that sounds lovely!

Never had it done myself but i’ve heard its pretty good for ms sufferers.

Perhaps i should try it!

I love a back massage Poll - very relaxing!!

It’s just the price of these things that puts me off! Its hard to justify such pampering when i don’t work and my husband is the breadwinner.

I hope the custody battle goes well for your daughter. It will be a difficult time. So sad when the parents get to this stage and so upsetting for the children. big (((hugs)))

Thanks for your replies.

In answer to our questions;

Frances, no sorry, I`m not a tennis fan…but I am of strawberries and ice cream, not cream!

To all of you who do enjoy tennis, then I hope you enjoy watching it.

About reflexology;

I would recommend it for it`s relaxing effects. And oddly enough, when my left heel was rubbed, it hurt and I had to say so, as th lady had told me to do so. She said it was related to my lower back and do you know, it was hurting the day before and that morning…when she went I noticed the pain hadgone nd it has tayed away!

I dont know if it would help any MS symptoms, but perhaps it is worth a try though. It cost £25.........for just over an hour. A lot of money, I know. I am paying for it out of my Direct Payments. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to afford it.

luv Pollx

Thanks for that i have booked lady to come to house on monday. I am looking forward to it even if it doesnt help. Just to be pampered on for hour. Sounds good xx

Yeh Vi, you enjoy it hun.


Just had 2nd session…still wonderfully soooothing.

How did your session go Vi?


I thought was amazing. Cant wait until next one. Girl came out Monday night and on Tuesday was feeling better. Unfortunately now though. I have got worse. Finished course steroids Tuesday, and had to call ambulance yesterday. Lost all power in my body and speech had gone. They have kept me in hospital. Waiting to have another MRI scan. Very frightened at moment. I was diagnosed over 4 years ago. Work full time in very stressful job. And keep fit and active. MS has not been a problem for me and at times for got I had it. I have now been off work for over a week. This is first I have been off work in 5 years. Not sure if or when ill be able to return Just don’t understand how I have declined so quickly.