Reflexology & Pain

I have been suffering badly with trigeminal neuralgia since August and am currently taking 600mg daily of pregabalin and 20mg amitryptilene daily with no let up (I also tried duloxetine which didn’t agree with me). I have also been on Tecfidera for 10 weeks.

My question is, has anyone tried complimentary therapies such as reflexology to help with pain? I’m at my wits ends and will try anything. My consultant is referring me to a neurosurgeon to discuss compressing the nerve, but who knows how long that will take.

Any advice will be greatly received.

Murraymint x

the reflexology will calm your body down, your body is going through a lot just now( i now what it is like) the reflexology will help so go for it


Thanks, there is an MS therapy centre near me that offers it. I’ve never been but i think I’m going to give it a go.


Hello murraymint

I have reflexology once a month…Poll enjoys the therapy too. It can feel sore when the therapist massages certain spots but it’s not an unbearable pain, in any way that will cause upset. You will enjoy it and find it relaxing, I certainly do


Hi, yeh I have a weekly session of reflexology at home and really look forward to it. The therapist can feel when parts of me feel extra tender/painful.

She says it does help reduce inflammation. It certainly relaxes me and reduces swollen ankles.

I know it cant do any harm, although it can feel intense.

Give it a try.

luv Pollx

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve booked an appointment at the MS therapy centre for the 24th Nov - hopefully this will provide some relief.

Murraymint x


please ask re healing crisis. any good therapist will explain it to you.

i have had reflexology tho not recently because my body is very sensitive to such things.

ellie (reiki master)