MS course lesson 2

Hi Everyone.

Just back from session 2 which covered Fatigue Management and Reflexology. The former was very good but basically boils down to pacing yourself which is so easy to say but sooooooo difficult to do. Fear of being considered to be lazy is very guilt inducing.

The reflexology was interesting, is obviously foot massage where symptoms can be aided by pressure to certain areas of the foot, but most interesting they’ve had a lot of success easing constipation in MS patients and some, with regular treatments actually become quite regular. That sounds sad to many I’m sure, but if it’s ever been a problem let me warn you, it’s not a nice one.

I also learnt that if I register with the MS Society I can attend their regular sessions with access to reflexology, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. All for the princely sum of £5 a year. I think I know where my next investment’s going.

Take care.

Cath xx

Thanks for letting us all know how it went Cath, good luck with the various therapies…I’d love to know what you think about them when you’ve tried them. I hope it turns out to be the bargain of the century for you. Nina xx

Nina I was very sceptical about alternative therapies until my physio talked me into having acupuncture a few years ago. I am now willing to try anything if it’s done correctly. I was doubly incontinent (I was so embarrassed I hadn’t even mentioned it to my gp, she wheedled it out of me) and after a few sessions I actually had sensation again. I will never dismiss advice again (within reason of course).

Shattered now, off to bed, goodnight.

Cath xx

That’s so interesting Cath. Thanks for telling us about it. Brilliant that you can access all of those treatments… & as member of MS Society you’ll also get the magazine MS Matters. Pacing… hmmm… I’ve never been very good at it & I sometimes question if it even works. Seems to make no difference… fatigue hits me whether I’ve been pacing or completely over-doing it. Very interesting about reflexology & constipation! Never heard that before! Thanks Cath, Pat xx

Has the incontinence problem continued to be ok Cath ?Do you have to have accupuncture regularly to keep it at bay? I only ask because I have this problem too…I found taking LDN sorted the problem for me , well almost! Its not 100% The only alternative therapy I’ve tried is aromatherapy massage…it was lovley, so relaxing but also rather costly. Nina x

Nina it was done on the NHS so free. I’m fortunate now to have sensation most of the time. I had about 4 sessions of acupuncture that was effective, tried another session but that had no effect. I’d not been referred for that reason, she examined all my nerves and reflexes and worked out there was a problem without me telling her, she’s excellent! It might be worth a try, it definitely brought sensation back to areas I’d lost it. I’m not sure though if my problem was ms or cord injury related or whether that would make a difference, sorry.

Cath xx

Cheers for the info Cath.

Pauline. Xx

Hi Cath, l go to our ms drop in every week we have treatment for feet, back, head,for £5 a go, and we can go into the exercise class sometimes sitting or standing at the wall bars it gets us moveing and having a good laugh. you get lunch and have a good chat to all the other ms people there, Jan

You’re lucky Jan. I live very rurally so there is nothing in the immediate area. The closest get together is nearly an hour away. I’ll probably go in the summer but the small windy roads aren’t great in winter, especially at night when the meetings take place. We have nothing during the day at all. I just hope they’ll give me exercises to keep up with then. I really want to use the pool at the hospital too, the only ones in the area are in hotels and cost a fortune to use. I’ll not move though, love living here.

Cath xx