Alexander Technique

Hi everyone I am currently under going a course of Alexander Technique therapy and wondered if anyone else has tried this. I am doing it via my pain clinic as part of pain therapy along with tai chi and pain drugs. My first lesson was this morning and even though I’m going through a bladder infection at present, must say I found it extremely relaxing, my legs and arms (which are normally twitching all the time when I relax) only felt a few spasms whilst undergoing this. My teacher did say that a person has to be open to this kind of therapy, she knows one lady with MS who found it helpful and another who did not. I am up for anything that will make the pain ease off. I get the impression there is some kind of hypnotherapy going on, I may be wrong! :? I would be interested in other’s experiences. Love Wendy x

Hi Wendy (A rare non-admin post as I think it’s a topic that deserves a second look!) Business first: It’s mentioned in our Essential publication but I guess if you’ve already got going with it you probably know a bit about the basics. I’ve been doing lunchtime classes here at MSNC for a few weeks - staff pay for them ourselves and make up the work time it takes. I should say that my reasons for doing it aren’t related to MS - I have shocking posture and back problems as a result of being tall and spending many of my younger years too long trying to keep my head down! As a result of Alexander I’m finding that once I focus on how I’m sitting or standing I let go of a lot of the tension that I’ve built up in my body, I feel more relaxed and I experience less discomfort. It’s true that you have to suspend your disbelief and it’s also true that some of the benefits seem to take a while to arrive but I can see how it would benefit a lot of people - especially those affected by MS. What seems to be key is that you can relate to your teacher. Good luck with it! Greg [admin]

Hello Wendy, if something, anything, works for you, or indeed anyone, good luck with it, you are the one putting in the time and effort, so I’m glad that you may have some benefit/relief, again good luck, brian

Thank you for your reply, it’s interesting. My teacher is Scottish and she seems to have a relaxing, yet positive way of speaking and I feel very calm and confident after a session which is why I wondered if there was some hypnotherapy going on, so far I have found it to be beneficial, then again I suppose it’s not for everyone. Wendy x