bowen therapy

A friend recommended this therapy when u look it up on the internet it looks interesting so I just wondered if if any had tried this thanks zoe

Zoe, lts something l looked into some years ago - but alas - nobody in my area. Did try Alexander Tecnique - about 20yrs ago. l think it is similar. l did like it - but not the cost. Do any of the MS Therapy groups have a practitioner. Alas, even the MSS groups are too far for me to get to - about 30miles.

l do like Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi - all help with stretching - relaxing and general limbering up to make you feel more supple.

Hi Zoe,

I had Bowen Therapy about 3 years ago.

Sadly, I didn’t experience anything better than a lovely massage …despite following instructions to the letter.

Having tried many different medications and many different therapies over the years - all ineffective on me to date - the only thing I’ve become certain of is that MS is an individual thing and therapists can be great but equally they can be rubbish.

Fact is, all of the therapies / medications I have tried so far have been most effective for some people - otherwise I wouldn’t give 'em a whirl in the first place. Just bear in mind that someone else’s glowing recommendation doesn’t guarantee something would work for you …and vice versa!!

No substitute for first-hand experience

Give ‘Bowen’ a try and make your own mind up. It certainly won’t cause you any harm and if the worst comes to the worst, at least you’ll get a lovely massage out of it and be able to cross this off your list.

(Must just warn you though, it may well cost a bit by now!!)

Good luck,


Hi Zoe

I haven’t had the Bowen technique for about 2 years purely due to the cost. I had a couple of sessions and loved it. Our local alternative therapy centre was offering half hour taster sessions for a very small fee so that’s when I first tried it and I found it very relaxing. The practitioner asked me why I was there and when I told him my story (having just had 3 relapses in a year) I think he felt sorry for me and I had well over 30 minutes!

I went back twice more at £40 per session. I was fully clothed throughout and I disagree that it is like massage. I could barely feel his hands on me at times and it is a totally different technique to massage. He manipulated his thumb and fingers up and down my spine and joints but very gently. There is little, if any, manipulation of muscles. Then there are periods of rest where nothing happens but I could feel my body adjusting. When I went home I was exhausted, as if I had run a marathon. He told me not to sit for long periods, I could sleep if I needed to but if I was awake I should keep moving. After a couple of days, I definitely felt the benefit in my arms and legs.

I went back for the second session as I had a shoulder which refused to move beyond a certain point since a relapse a year before and it was causing discomfort in my yoga sessions and restricting free movement. He did some particular movements on that joint and gave me some exercises to repeat at home and I haven’t had any further problems with it. Before that I had tried painkillers and yoga, thinking they would free it off but hadn’t bothered my doctor as it didn’t seem severe enough to bother him.

If I could afford it, I would go for a session once a month. I don’t think I would go more often than that as it wipes me out for a couple of days before I feel the benefit. As Liam says, you have nothing to lose (except money) if it doesn’t work. Ask around and see if you can find somewhere that does taster sessions like I had. That’s definitely a win win situation.

Tracey xx

It was a few years ago now, but from what I remember it just involved a bit of light touching through my clothes and unsurprisingly, made no difference whatsoever. Perfectly harmless though and won’t hurt to try it out and see for yourself.

I tried Bowen a few years ago. Had several sessions which consisted of me lying on a table in one of four small rooms while the practitioner went into each room and prodded the patient for no more than a minute. During my last session, after being prodded a couple times, he returned to my room and held his hands hovering over my chest and said “I can feel your aura”…I never went back. (I felt too stupid).

Zoe, I tried it for a while about a year ago, and in truth it had little effect as far as I could tell. It comprised of very gentle touch, however I was introduced to another practioner who had a higher level of training in Bowen, and a session with him included more pressure on my legs and this had a greater impact. Cost prevented me from persuing this avenue of treatment. My uneducated view is that some people seem to be born with “healing hands”, and this seems to be more key than the method of treatment. I can’t back this up with a double blind random sample though!. Good luck, Peter.