Bowen Therapy and Micro current therapy

Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone has had Bowen Therapy or has a micro current therapy kit of their own? I have RRMS diagnosed in April 2011 having never suffered anything before, I was diagnosed within 6 weeks just in time for my 30th birthday in Aug! I started on Avonex the night after my 30th birthday party and it seems to be working very well. I have been looking at treatments of an alternative type I already see an osteopath once a month for my sacrialatic joint following my second pregnancy and suffering with SPD, He has been looking at expanding his treatments and came across micro current therapy and I was wondering how good it is. My MS Nurse confirmed it was talked about at one of her recent seminars and is going to forward me the info,

A friend of mine who doesnt have MS has bowen therapy and thinks its amazing but it isn’t something I know anything about.

Have a good sunday.


Hi, just wanted your opinion really…I’m 32 and thinking I need to look at DMDs due to increase in relapses over the last two years, what made you chose Avonex and does it halt progression as well as relapses? I’m just getting information for when I see my consultant as I do think this is in the pipeline now. Sorry I can’t help with the therapies above but I have been googling them out of interest too. Thanks x


I chose Avonex as I felt the once a week with two young children and working full time it would fit in the best if I was going to have side affects etc. After 3 months I had another MRI and no new lesions, I think had my neurologist been able to choose for me he would have choosen one of the more frequent ones to give me a better chance. However, I saw him in December after being on it for 18 months and he is really pleased and said not to panic as if anything does go wrong they still have lots of things they could offer me etc. I see the Neuro physio every couple of months so she can check everything stable and it is fingers crossed it stays like that.

I am happy with my decision but had it not gone as well may have wished I’d choosen Rebif but you just don’t know.

I hope you get the support and advice you need.



Thanks I have a three year old and work part time, well three and a half days. So that sounds like it would fit in better with me too. My job takes me out and about too to people’s homes so to have side effects would not be good. I don’t know whether I have any new lesions however I have had a recent relapse (the third in just over two years) which makes me think I may have particularly as I seem to have been left with a weak leg althought I did only finish the steroids two weeks ago and am told these continue to work! I really hope so . Meds scare me a little as. Have a needle phobia too…can’t even take my son for his jabs :frowning: but guess its one way of getting over my phobia. Thanks for your help, I’m really hoping I can get seen sooner than later to discuss these options as I’m worried now I may have a relapse again or deteriorate more. They are saying it’ll prob be April now before I see him. Xxx

I hope it’s quicker than that as its scary enough. From seeing dr with symptoms, 2 MRIs and diagnosis it took 6 weeks so had one hell of a shock as hadn’t had symptoms before. It’s very hard to get your head around. Hope you have a good support network. Feel free to email anytime. Xx

I have fab support thankfully…great family. I’ve been diagnosed since 24, I’m 32 now and have had two MRIs since, last one being in 2011. However he said there had been very little progress and felt treatment was not needed at this time plus we had plans to try for another baby. We have since well recently decided we are going to stick with just our little boy and enjoy him and since September I’ve had two relapses. The m.s nurses seem to think as we are mid feb I will not be able to see the consultant till April now? Maybe I should ring his secretary and see if I can get in via her? X