Bowen therapy

Hi, I have relapsing secondary progressive MS and due to having a useless neurologist it took about 16 years to get diagnosed and after being diagnosed privately no DMTs were ever offered (excellent!”). So obviously the MS has progressed to where we are now. I am researching treatments and therapies virtually none stop in the hope something comes up. About six months ago I started having Bowen therapy, naturally I am very synical and thought it was mumbo jumbo but oddly it certainly helps with spasms( I don’t know how but I don’t really care. I was made aware by a friend who’s cousin lives in Sardinia that he is on treatment for SPMS even though there is none available here. If you enter a search in Google for anything to do with MS treatments etc but specify a country you will find out what’s being used in other countries. We need to get more knowledge and use it to help!

Anyway that was feeling like a rant, please follow me on YouTube, Neil MS1892

I had Bowen Therapy a few years ago was really tried for 3 days then I had so much energy for fews weeks it was amazing, would like to try it again when I can afford it.