Pampering!! :)

Hi everyone,

I am a new user to this so excuse me if I’m a bit rusty! Basically I am writing on behalf of my mum. She is now 45 years old, and was diagnosed about 20 years ago. Mother of 4 (I am the eldest). Anyway, before she was crippled by this ruthless awful disease, she was once an independant, girly woman. Obviously things have now changed and her biggest wish at the moment is to have a pamper day (massages, nails and toes etc). She is permanatly confined to an electric wheelchair so as you can imagine these treatments are limited! I’ve been looking on local sites (Torbay), but can’t seem to find anything. If anyone has had these treatments or knows anywhere that caters for the disabled please let me know! I’m also willing to travel further away as well! Thanks, she would be over the moon as this is all a surprise!

Laura x

Hi Laura

What a lovely daughter you are for thinking of surprising your mum with this.

In my area there are some beauticians who are mobile. I would be very surprised if there aren’t some in your area.

Try contacting your local branch of the MS Society and see if they can help put you in touch with someone. To find the local branch go back to the home page and click on near me.

Tracey x

Hi, yes, you are a lovley thoughtful daughter and i`m sure your mum appreciates you a huge amount.

I am also a full time wheelie user and have searched for all kinds of activities that I could participate in.

A lot of places consider themselves to be disabled friendly, but on closer inspection, they have very little of what we really need. eg a regular disabled loo is no good to me anymore, as I need a hoist for all transfers.

I`m gonna do some of my campainging on you now!!!

Are you aware of something called Changing Places Toilets?

I recently discovered these gems by accident. There are over 500 of them in the country, yet arent that well known.

They were started by Mencap…as many folk with complex issues, found regular disabled loos just not suitable! People were having to do 1 of several things when outdoors.

  1. use a disabled loo, and lie on a dirty floor to have their underwear changed

  2. go home very wet and possibly very sore

3.try a manual transfer (this was me) and risk falls

4.other stuff that just was not right!

If you have already got knowledge of these fantastic loos and use them, then sorry for trying to indoctrinate you! But then others who may be reading this, may benefit.

So, about the pampering sessions. I have googled this subject, but not got much to shout about…except that they are not of use to me!

There are lots of mobile firms who will come to your house and do the necessary. This isnt as good as a trip out, but would still be enjoyable.

Your mum is still only a youngster at 45, so why shouldnt she be able to enjoy girlie stuff.

I do and I am 60!

Let us know how you go on, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Tracey and Poll,

Firstly thank you for the compliment!! I’ve looked into it a little more now… and people say they’re disabled friendly but often I find my mums big electric wheelchair doesn’t apply to that! (Our house had to be converted, wider doors etc)

But good idea I’ll get in touch with the local MS people see if they have any suggestions, thank you! Also in reply to Poll, THANKFULLY we don’t have that problem anymore because my mum is now a catheter user (having seperate issues with them alone!), but we did have many years of struggling, often wetting and like you say ending up very sore. But thank you for your advise anyway I wasn’t aware of those toilets! Although 500 doesn’t seem enough by far!

Hopefully things will change for the better soon but again that’ll post probably take a few years!

Thank you for you advice and replies girls. Hope you’re all well!