leg circulation, and movement

Dose anybody know if buying a leg circulation machine, helps with aching legs, and swollen feet. I get very bad cramps, and my feet are always swelling up in the hot weather through lack of movement. Or should I get a excersice machine to move my legs and feet?

thank you


I take Magnesium for my leg spasms and this works well. If I run out for example the leg spasms are much worse.

I also use an exercise bike 15mins per deg and this helps too. I plonk it in front of the tv when something good is on and the 15mins fly by.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Although I have a Revitive piece of equipment for my legs I find using an indoor bike more beneficial for my legs. My worst symptom is fatigue but I can cycle all day long flat out (just weird). I think it is because I am sitting down and holding onto the handlebars. The Revitive works if I`m too tired to cycle. Either exercise gets rid of the restlessness in my legs which can keep me awake at night.

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i use revitive daily as my circulation very poor on one side. that and compression stockings helps with swelling and better colour.


i have a circulation booster but hardly ever use it.

i’d be better off having an exercise bike.

if you DO decide to buy a circulation booster don’t forget to claim the VAT back as it is for medical purposes.

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I use to go the gym regularly, but my legs are so painful and wobbly, i don’t think i could do it now. I have been thinking about going back, and starting to swim again. … Will that help ?