Foot/leg stimulation/exercise machine?

I’d like to buy a Circulation and EMS TENS Machine…or some thing like, anything to boost circulation and movement, if possible, in my feet and legs. My mind is boggling having scoured eBay and Amazon as there are so many different ones at varying prices. Does any one have experience of, and recommendations for any of these machines please.

I recently acquired a foot pedal machine which was a fat lot of good as I needed to push my right leg up and down with every rotation and keeping my foot on the pedal and inside the strap was almost impossible. Disappointing, as in my dreams I’m a marathon runner and if I don’t exercise I’ve no chance.



Hi Louella

I bought a TENS machine in late 80’s, three decades before ppms was even thought about. My gp and several hospital department specialists described as Sciatica type nerve pain. TENS helped, it gives tingling sensation but never cured the problem.

In 2006/7 I bought a machine to stimulate circulation & tone muscles. It was shown on The Gadget Show and viewers could see the calf muscles contract. It still works and relieved the pain, I’ve never regretted buying it.


Can you give me it’s details Chrissie, I’ll check it out. Thank you. S x.


i use a revitive machine (as per advert on tv!) for 6/7 years.

i have really poor circulation in my right hand side and this combined with other things does help-better colour for example.

do not use if u have heart probs.


REVITIVE Medic may help. Google search.

I’ve bought a Revitive circulation booster…fantastic! It does so much more than I’d expected and thankfully it is so easy to operate. Time will tell if it helps my mobility any but I’m happy to enjoy thirty minuets a night of being boosted.

I’ve had a look and it does seem good. Anyone else got any feedback?