Revitive Machine

Hi everyone. Has anybody tried this machine and did it help? Is it like a Tens Machine because if it is it probably won’t do me any good as my reaction to this was non-existent. I also had no joy with an FES trial. Just thinking I’m getting desperate! Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. Linda x


l have used one of these ‘type’ of machines - and have felt the benefit. lt works a bit like reflexology - tapping away at your feet.

Amazon have one - Circulation Maxx Blood Booster - with infra-red option/tens. lt is by Bio-Energiser and is £56 - So quite reasonable - there are 81 reviews to read through - and some by MS sufferers.


i give up…

will try pm…

I just bought one of these machines!
I think it was the sight of Beefy Bothams legs that did it!
I cirtainly wouldn’t have paid the full asking price at £239.99!
Boots have it on special offer at £139.99.
Plus if you are registered disabled you get another £40 knocked off for the VAT.
Which brings it down to £99.99!


So for that price just had to try one!
Early days still but it can also be used as a “tens” machine.

Take Care All!


probs replying so sort answer!

yes-been using a month with positive results. foot colour much improved and less swelling.


EVERYONE WITH MS needs to know that (per vascular surgeon Dr. John Iljas of Livonia, MI) 80% of ALL people diagnosed with MS have blockage in their jugular veins. This blockage mimics MS and is called CCSVI. I had this surgery and discovered 70% blockage on my right and 90% blockage on the left. The surgery was covered by insurance and was painless and I had no recovery time. My foot drop is reversing, and I was able to begin physical therapy 2x per week, gaining strength and endurance each day. Check out You Tube videos of before and after CCSVI to see results for yourself, and then RUN TO A VASCULAR SURGEON to see if you, too, are a candidate for surgery. It changed my life.

YES, partly inspired by the posts about it on here. I suffer painfull ankles, swollen sometimes, cold bad circulation. Partner suffers bad circulation and muscle atrophy cuz of kidney disease. So I used it about 4 times now and it does seem to improve circualation. Partner used it once.

It is kinda wierd to start with. You turn it up as required 0 to 99. If you can’t feel 99, you are probably dead. Had it about 20.

Partners mother made me laugh, she said “if you turn it up too high, you’ll feel it in the groin”. Nearly fell off sofa laughing!!

There are pads supplied so that you can use it on shoulders or back.

Does anyone else find the gel makes you feet cold tho??