After reading about this machine on an old thread here, did a bit of research and decided to buy one. Both partner and me suffer with bad circulaton in legs - him for a different health condition, me cuz of MS.

Sooo after a rocky start where they lost my order, finally arrived yesterday. Had my first go last night. Really wierd feeling! But shall carry on, can’t do any harm and may try the pads on my aching back as well.

Let us know how you get on. They’re not cheap. But if it works, might be worth giving it a go.



am on my second one in 9/10 years-great things-use mine every night.

what are u hoping will improve?


Had one of these for a while now, and I highly recommend.

Many people (with/without MS) said they didn’t work but it turned out they went ‘cheap’ and tried to use without applying any foot cream first - the cream can be a simple hand/face/body cream from places like Boots, it does not need to be the expensive Revitive version of a cream.

My other tip is to also bathe feet in warm water (or use machine after a hot bath/shower) as this also helps with the conductivity between machine and feet.

I’ve used for some time now (approx. 18 months) and started with feeling in feet - then got feeling in feet and calves (approx 6 months later) - now got minor feeling also around knees - not expecting much more now though, but (damn!) it does feel good to feel something!