has anyone used the Revitive machine, which is supposed to help circulation in the legs and reduce swelling in the ankles? I am considering getting one.

thank you


Hi, is this like MediMotion? ie a cycle type thingymajic, that you fix to a chair and cycle with the aid of electricity?

They look really good and I rang up about it once and was given the price…3K…too much for me, but I believe you can rent them now.

luv Polx

Googling Revitive, it looks similar to the product Ian Botham’s advertised in the past.


i have used one for over a year.

circulation in right limbs very poor-usually white or blue and always cold. tried nifedipine but it dilates everything and my face was like a tomato!

used it twice a day initially but now twice weekly. my right foot remains slightly larger but colour much better. no side effects that i can tell you off. instructions say ur heart must be trouble free-which makes sense!

it cost approx £100 but worth it i think.


Is this a circulation booster…a round object you put on the floor and put your feet onto? I was thinking it was a bigger machine costing much much more!