Passive cycling

Hi all

ive recently lost my mobility, now hoisted onto a chair and sit still all day, just wondered if anyone has used a passive cycling machine to move their legs.

did it help with circulation, I’ve started suffering with swollen feet and ankles, and cold feet.

trying to think of things to stop any further problems developing

Thanks for your help


Hiya mate,

I have a MOTOmed which is a passive exercise cycle; best thing I ever purchased;

All right there very expensive; £7,500 but you can get them in instalments. Does exactly what you want; I’ve had no swollen feet; ankles since. I do about 45 minutes per day.


well, I too suffer with a swollen foot, normally by night time my foot is swollen, certainly could not put a shoe on. I do find if you can ask someone to massage it twice a week the swelling should go. The other thing you could do is get someone to put your feet up for an hour each afternoon that could well help. As for the cycling, I did try but found I could not keep my feet on the pedals or even turn the wheel - keep in touch Stanley


That looks amazing, I think I will try to find somewhere I can test this and if it is as good as it looks in the video, see if I can get one.

Great info Thanks