Swollen feet and ankles

hi after a bit of advice, I’m recently chair bound and getting fed up of swollen feet and ankles due to lack of movement, they used to go down when elevated but my new chair won’t allow this position! Wondered if anyone has tried the pneumatic socks, seen some on Internet for £79 don’t want to buy unless I know they do work.

fed up off aching feet at the end of the day, thanks for your advice

Hello Andrew.

I’ve always gone against socks as it takes me an age to put them on. It’s the fact that feet are hard to get to and I’m very weak on one side.

I’m in a wheelchair a lot but I can transfer to a recliner riser chair provided by adult social care. It’s stopped the excessive swelling. So any way of getting your feet up seems easier than sock fighting.

Best wishes, Steve


I got one of these; expensive yes but the best thing I ever bought. 30 minutes passive per day and I don’t get swollen legs or ankles no more; had one 3 years; move it or lose it.