Does anyone else suffer from achey ankles/ swollen ankles? I have terrific difficulty finding less restrictive socks! There is “gentle grip” available in TKMaxx and thats about it. I bought a couple of random pairs recently - different makes only to be wrenchiing them off after 2 hours! Love to know if others have found some and where!


yes! look at diabetic socks!

i am not diabetic but those socks are wider at the top.


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I bought some from the internet that were made of a cotton/linen mix that are perfect. I suspect that the less man made fibres, the less the ankles will be restricted.

M&S do some for men that have less constrictive ankles, I’m not sure about women.

Or as Ellie suggests, try diabetic socks.


I told you they are important!

I should have known that was a thread title you couldn’t ignore.

You know me too well.

I shall ask my mum for you. She gets really bad swollen ankles. I bought some bed socks from joules in the sale and just cut the elastic. Seemed to work.

I just did a search on a well known online retailers website (rhymes with Jamathon!) and the answer possibly lies with searching for ‘gentle grip’ socks. Sue

We loved it when one of our old uncles used to visit us when we were children because when he sat down his trousers would ride up to reveal suspenders on each leg. At the top, these were just below the knee and they had a strap and clasp and the top of the sock was attached to this. We assumed this was to prevent the socks being too tight on his ankles.

Thanks chaps and chapesses. I’m NOT ever wearing sock suspenders …the less said re suspenders, well thats sounds like AD’s dept.

Cutting the elastic: ruins the socks and why have I s[ent £6 on something to wreck it? I will look for diabetic socks. Reluctant to buy online cuz you can’t really see the quality can you?

Don#t know a Joules but I’m talking every day socks not bed socks. Havent yet reached the point of wearing bedsocks and PJ’s outside…

I buy from an online shop that has " cost and feet " in it,s name. They are very expensive but good quality so if you qualify for a second or third mortgage they might be ok.

They sell diabetic and extra roomy so the foot part is more roomy as well as the tops.


Hahaha I kid you not I only came here to see how quickly AD popped up !!