swollen feet

Any advice on what to do with swollen feet. I am waiting to get a hospital type bed where I will be able to get my feet higher so at nightime swelling will go down-feet higher than heart, in the mean time any ideas. Social services aren’t in a hurry to sort out my problem.

I assume you’ve seen your GP about this, if not you should as it isn’t good for your feet to beretaining fluid all the time (nag, nag!)
I would suggest that you try and put your feet up on a pouffee or footstool - or failing that a pile of pillows- whenever the oportunity presents itsself.
Good luck with the bed; hope it comes soon

I get swollen ankles and feet, and was told it was because i dont walk much at all these days, so i go on my exercise bike for 5 minutes 3 times a day and that helps mine go down,and also sit with your feet raised up when you can.