swollen and painful feet

Can someone help me please.I’m in so much pain I could cry.I finished my 6weeks of steroids and was ok.but now both free are badly swollen and painful.the doctor where I work have told me my circulation is fine but this is due to my ms. He told me there was no point in taking water tablets cos their I can walk. I have has my feet elevated. Is there anything else I should be doing. Kim

Hi Kim,

I am in the same boat as you. I have not found anything helped but I do rest more now as I am unable and to tired to do much.

Do you have swollen hands too?

I am sorry I was not much help Kim but wishing you well.



Had to call out doctor last night as feet and ankles so swollen I couldn’t even stand.

Was told I had been in a sitting position for too long (had bad fall and hurt my back so have been permanently in wheelchair for last 10 days).

GP said water had collected and prescribed furosemide tablets for a week to help my body get rid of it.

She also reassured me that I wouldnt need the loo any more often, just would pee more each time.

You need to have ok kidney funcation to be prescribed them though.

I also have been told to recline with my feet higher than my heart and this has helped with the tightness and pain on standing.

Am starting water tablets tomorrow morning, so can’t comment on their effectiveness at the moment.

She also advised Co-codamol for the pain, but would also need something for the constipation this can cause.

I am sticking with paracetemol for now as already am on a strong pain killer for the back pain from the fall.

Hope this helps