swollen feet

My feet are so swollen, I can’t get any shoes on. I am confined to a wheelchair and unable to stand. I have tried medication, (furosemide). circulation boosting, elevation and compression socks. Nothing seems to be very effective. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hiya Tabsky, if you can, raise your feet off the ground, a recliner is ideal, I transfer from the wheelchair to my recliner, a more comfier chair, a wee press on the button and viola, a relaxed position at suitable legs off the floor height but, a word of warning, this may result in complaints from loved ones of heavy breathing and snores, Brian


Hi Tabsky

Sitting in a wheelchair is guaranteed to leave you with horribly swollen feet. As Brian said, the key is raising your feet. I do a tiny amount of walking (like a few metres a few times a day) but that means I can sit on my (raised) settee with my feet up on the seat of the walker. That helps. Plus, I always lay on the bed in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Sometimes I fall asleep, but mostly don’t, that just allows me to get my feet level with my body.

Anytime I’m unable to move off the wheelchair for hours leaves my feet bright red, swollen and mottled.

In hot weather this is sometimes not enough. Even now, I have my feet up on the walker seat and can see that one foot is swollen.


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I often get slightly swollen feet in hot weather. Part of the problem, in my case, is fluid retention caused by dehydration. It’s important to drink a lot during hot weather like we’re having, so make sure you get enough fluid. Anything will do as long as it doesn’t contain alcohol.

As Sue says, raising your feet can be helpful. With badly swollen feet, lie on your back with your feet propped up on pillows to raise them above your head. This helps some of the fluid to drain.


Hiya, if raising the feet helps drain fluid to the brain, I hope you are way off the mark, in that case, my a*se will get bigger, cos that’s where my brains are, according to my wife, LOL


Thanks to all of you for your comments. It seems that “feet up” is the only real solution.

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Hi all, I am finding out about folding power chairs. Any body used the new I-Go foldup, I am thinking of replacing my TGA Eclipse with this powerchair have seen on the net, want some feedback by users under the Motability scheme as I am renewing. I don’t have a car, use taxis MS transport once a month etc. David. Lincoln and District Branch, North Hykeham

david tait

you would be better off starting a new thread.

naming it Advice on folding power chairs.

you’ll get more replies.

I’ve been reading this thread and I suppose I’m just looking for any other ideas or suggestions. My feet are puffy as are my ankles. I try to keep them elevated and shuffle /drag myself around indoors with a walker. My insteps feel like the skin is going to burst,feels like they are burning and is painful to press on. Gp had a look at them about a month ago when I was there for bloods. She wasn’t unduly concerned. Anyone else gets this?

Swollen feet are caused by a couple of things. Big one being retaining fluid. As has been said, there is medication for this, but it can be the kidneys aren’t working properly or bladder is not emptying properly.

Again heat make it worse. Elevation deffo the answer and also exercise. If possible it is good to move the feet and ankles - there are seated exercise classes. Helps the circulation. I’d also try massage and even acupuncture.

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in order to raise my feet higher than my heart. i have to take all the big cushions of 4 sofas and then commence the battle to get my legs onto them.

of course then the phone rings or someone knocks on the door.

it’s dangerous manouver getting them back down!

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Hi all,

I have just picked up this thread after being ill. My GP changed my medication from Furosemide to Bumetanide and the swelling is much reduced. In addition, the OT was able to come up with a few suggestions for getting my feet up. Please don’t take any risks! .

My thanks to all who contributed