wheelchair motors??

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me anything about the motors who can get to fit onto a wheelchair, i've heard that they do exist, are they worth it? and where do you get them from? Thank you.


Yes they do exist could I suggest you look on eBay for

RMA Roma Electric Wheelchair Powerpack Motor Assist


Wheelchair Powerstroller Powerpack Electric Motor

They range in price from 200-350 I think for new but you might be able to pick up a secondhand unit. 

But I'd really recommend a powerchair rather than a power pack as they can go future distances and you have the control.  I guess though if you want something to go into a car boot a powerpack might be okay.

I hope this helps



Hi, I echo what theorising has told you. I thought long and hard about getting my manual wheelie adapted, but the power packs are very expensive......the ones I`ve seen cost more than the ones theorising mentioned.


Then they tell you that these power packs are only intended for short, occassional use.


So I opted to buy a slightly used electric chair on ebay. It`s new price was over £2k and I paid £500 for it.


luv Pollx

I use the e.fix system on mine (allows switching between being a manual an electric), have no complaints and it works very well (albeit was very expensive as previously said). It's useful as you can collapse the thing and put it in a car boot, if you live near them Kent Mobility sell and can demo the things.