Powering an active wheelchair

I’m getting an active wheelchair through access to work, but from the trial run I have had, I know that I will have difficulty managing the gradients within the workplace. Does anyone have experience of powerpacks to provide a ‘boost’ where needed? I’ve seen the ‘e-motion’ packs but costs start at £4000. At this price Access to work would probably be more willing to fund a fully powered chair but I don’t feel ready for one of those yet.

Have a google for “power packs for wheelchairs”. It’s possible to get them for under £500. No idea how good they are, but definitely cheaper than £4000!!!

Karen x

The cheaper ones seem to be for “attendant control” and I would need one I could fit and control myself.

Not exactly a perfect solution, but could you keep a powered chair at work and only use it there?

Maybe someone else can come up with something better…