Assisted Power wheels - Anyone tried them ?

Hello all, hope you’re as well as can be expected

Has anyone tried those e-motion wheels which are power assisted ? They’re very expensive but do they help getting up a steep ramp ?

Irene x

I suggest you put the money toward an electric wheelchair - more reliable. Ann

Hi, it seems I am of the same opinion as the other respondents. I looked into this idea but found out the price is rediculous…running into hundreds of pounds.

Then I read up on it and saw they are not recommended for regular use, just occassional use. i ended up getting an electric chair.

luv Pollx

Hi all,

Thanks for feedback I’m now looking at elec wheelchairs.

Still not got hang of new forum yet I thought you used to get an email when you got a response.


Quite agree Irene, I too am finding it strange that we don’t get e-mail when we’ve got a reply. Ann