New wheelchair. Big commitment.

Hello everyone.

How much do you spend on an electric wheelchair? How portable does it need to be? Will its use justify the price?

Well, you don’t really know until you take the plunge really. It’s been getting very awkward for Jo to wheel me about while our three-year-old Rose bouncing around with us. Things like motorway service areas or shopping malls are impossible with all the bright lights and distractions. So we decided to invest a small fortune into one of these:

Now I’m quite excited. Does anyone have or know of someone who has one? Mine’s due next week.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hiya Steve.

I clicked on your link and it told me that page isnt found!

Anyroad, I am buying my leccy wheelchair via Motability. Its quite an expensive way of doing it and i wish Id waited for Wheelchair Services to see if they could kit me out, with a better than usual chair.

I pay £103 a month, for 3 years. I am just over 1/3 of my contract and I wont do it again.

This chair costs around £2.5 to buy privately. Ok, it is covered for insurance , but is gonna cost over £4k by the time I`m done.

It is a good chair and has electric tilt and recline, plus manual raising leg and footrests.

But the foam material the arms are made of is, in my opinion, crap!

I am on the third one now. If it takes the slightest knock where passages are tight, it shreds like butter!


Hi Steve

I also could not get the link to open, but I have a Spectre plus power chair through wheelchair services, and I would be completely lost without it, takes me everywhere.

It’s about 5 years old now, and has done an awful lot of work, but (she says touching wood) it works fine for me.

Hope you are as pleased with yours as I am with mine, and it will be so much easier for your wife, and I expect your little girl will enjoy having a ride with Dad.

Pam x

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See if this link works?:

Website is a bit short on detail, but this chair looks very similar to one I’m considering …marketed as a ‘Foldawheel’ However there are two ‘Foldawheel’ models: The pw-999ul and the slightly bigger pw-1000xl (with greater carrying capacity, wider seat and stronger battery-power. (Loads of videos of both models on YouTube !!)

Best regards,