Manual to powered wheelchairs

Can anyone please tell me the best way to make a manual w’chair ‘powered’, controlled by the person in the chair not a ‘pusher’, because there isn’t always someone there/around to help, a battery to give it/me some Ooomph up a hill.

Hi, I looked into having my self propel chair fitted with those electric additions. They cost hundreds of pounds! Plus I read that thery are not meant to be used for long periods. Also I was told that the chair user can`t control the chair, it has to be done by an attendant pusher. So not ideal for you, eh?

If I were you I would rather put my money towards an electric wheelie.

Have you been assessed by your local Wheelchair Services bods for a powered chair?

I know some do have really long waiting lists. But I got myself a used leccy chair from e bay, until I was seen by Wheelchair Services. I now have a fab, new chair, which is covered by them should anything go wrong.

luv Pollx