Manual wheelchair question

I have lived with this for 11 years now, and have finally had to accept that if I want to go anywhere that is more than 100 meters away, that I have to use a wheelchair.

I am still stubborn enough to only use a manual chair though.

The pavements are awful though and the roads aren’t much better. Is there anything that can be attached to a manual chair that can give the user a help sometimes. I don’t want an electric chair, because I don’t like the small wheels. I have pimped up my chair with some Arsenal spoke guards, which has made me accept using the chair more easy.

It would be much easier if I had something to give me a little boost now and then though. Hopefully someone knows of something that is readily available that I can buy to help me

Thanks in advance for any help

Pete x

Maybe a kerb climber would help with the pavements edges.

You can buy a motor to attach to a manual chair. Last time I looked them up, they were quite expensive.

I dunno about owt else chuck.


Thanks Polls x

there are wheels that attach to your chair that lift the castors off the ground making rough terrain easier, you can even get one in red! Have a look at the Freewheel and the RGK frontwheel, may depend whether your chair is rigid frame or folding, but worth a look. Good luck!

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Thanks Maude x

I prefer sef-propelling ones too, keeps my upper body fit if nothing else! Im looking at getting one that can also be powered when needed, you can get adaptions for existing chairs - there’s loads of different types available, this is an example:

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I have mentioned before, I have a Karma Ergo manual with a add-on motor. Yes the pavements are shite and roads full of potholes.

I have a Benoit Lightdrive - developed by the French, still not very well known. we get stopped ALL the time, in public, at Mobility roadshows, in hospitals. I have the sales pitch off to a T now!

It comes apart into 3 pieces chair + motor + lithium ion battery. Fits into virtually any car. Does 8 miles. Pretty nippy and zooty.

There is a dealer in Bristol.

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Hi Pete. Dxd two years ago, my loss of mobility has been swift. I resisted for a long time before it made sense to use a wheelchair. As much as I loved my Quickie Helium, it was a killer on slopes or longer outings, I now have a motorised one too. I use my helium for traveling.

I checked out a lot of power packs, and I realised many of them are designed for the attendant to make pushing easier. The ones for the chair user I found were prohibitively expensive! I’d still looking this one though…

Thanks Lilac Soo x

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Thanks x

That`s the thing which is difficult when making your mind up re what chair to buy…power packs are expensive.

And is the wheelchair user able to operate the chair without an attendant pusher?

Look on ebay for used motor prices.

I could do with a motor pack myself for my self propel chair.

Because when I go on mini cruises, I go on an adapted coach. They wont allow me to stay in my heavy electric chair for safety reasons. So I take my self propel, which means my carer has to push me where I cant. And I am a heavy chick!


Time for a powerchair. An Ottobock 500 would do you for getting out and about fast.


I only watched the first 3 mins, but seems to be all of the pavements??