Wheel chair bods.......

Hello Download !!! (For Carol…) Ok, I ran on about wheel chair access and a field a while back… Most ignored it, some offered advice, to which I am truely thankful. We finally have our petition up and running. It maybe won’t concern you, but it will be a bugbear of yours… Content Not Found… Hopefully the link worked. Please sign, share it to others. Thank you.

Sorry, the link doesn’t work.

Thank you Dogtanian. Try that…???

There you go, that one worked.

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Its not fair Carraboy , weve just had the park done at the back of us and despite me getting in touch with Frodsham council the pathway has not been made accessible. I’ve been twice with Naomi and Laura sat on my knee in my wheelchair and got stuck, the chair nearly tipped up . Thank goodness my daughter and a passing man was there to help. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I’m sorry that happened to you Michelle. This is the reality the planners don’t see. We’ve got a few ‘compassionate twats’ on our site (abled body) that say that’ll do…when clearly other agendas are at work. One even said ‘I have a disabled grand daughter’, as if this justified her caulous remarks somehow…

Just signed it, Don

Thank you