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Hello Download !!! (For Carol…) Ok, I ran on about wheel chair access and a field a while back… Most ignored it, some offered advice, to which I am truely thankful. We finally have our petition up and running. It maybe won’t concern you, but it will be a bugbear of yours… Content Not Found Hopefully the link worked. Please sign, share it to others. Thank you.

Um I’m not on Facebook (hate FB) so cant even read your petition to see if I agree with you and want to sign!




No worries Sue. The town council have put a fence up to appease the football team, cutting off access for an elderly lady to get to her social meeting place. The only place she went during the day. They will not offer a solution, hence the petition.

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Buggering council. I hope you get many signatures.


Thank you.

Boudicca ?

Hi I just got the following message when I tried the link and logged on to FB

The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

Jan x

Go Janhhh, Make Gaymers Recreation Ground disabled friendly | 38 Degrees I think that works. If not (probably not) there is a link that does work in the progressive section

Thank you, it worked.

Jan x

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Carraboy, Ithink your going to have to go into more detail. The FB link does not work and the other one just gives very little detail and 6 pix I can’t enlarge.

The photo of the wooden wicket gate - well a wheelchair could get thru that. I’m speaking as a wheelchair user. The state of the path is another matter. I can’t see what written on the metal fence and why/how it blocks access. Pictures not good enough.

I’m guessing council don’t own the earth path? So upkeep is not up to them.

You don’t say whether the elderly lady is a chair user, scooter user or walker. Or what and where her meeting place is. Or whether she can use a bus. In my experience, there can be a more accessible path sometimes, it just takes longer. And research on googlemaps.


Hey reddivine, How are yer? Thank you for taking interest in this thread. The field is split in two by a tree line. Originally, the lady came into the field via a housing estate, on a mobility scooter, drove over field 1 to field 2, where she met up with her friends. Sometimes, the only people she spoke to all day. The town council has now blocked this route, and suggest she goes through two heavy metal gates, to be corralled along the unsuitable terrain to get to her friends. This muddy route is a public right of way, and unobtainable for her, let alone the two gates… The council see her as an inconvenience. They want the entire field for an athletic hub, for the few, despite being left for the entire town. They refuse to acknowledge it was their action that now prevents her from getting to her social group. One councillor remarked she’d have to find a new favourite bench.

OK, you still havent addressed the problem that those 6 pix do not tell this story. The pix of the gates? Can’t enlarge, cannot see whats written on the gates, can’t see what is beyond.

The wicket gate and muddy track? I could tackle but I have off road wheelchair. I would not tackle it on a scooter - too heavy and low clearance. Mind you, I would drive over 2 fields in a scooter either - chance of being bogged down in mud.

Her social group is not actually a meeting/group? Its some other ppl in a field? then WHY don’t they meet her where she can get to?

Obviously I don’t know the area and terrain of where you are talking about. My answer has always been googlemaps and perhaps you can do this for her. Put in the start point and end point, go for direction and by foot. It will show you by ROAD - often a longer route. Now switch to satelitte view and zoom in, you can see paths, often used by bikes/ wheelchairs. You’ve got a certain amount of guess work cuz they won’t be named nor have streetview, but there may be alternative route EVEN IF IS LONGER.

Alternatively councils do maps of bike paths. Very suitable for scooters

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They’re not my photos. Sorry. The wicker gate is the fence that the council put up which is the problem. They are all elderly so meet at a bench on the field. No other benches on the football side of the field. The terrain at the other end of the trees (the longer way) is unsuitable for scooter. The two entrances onto field 2 are both unsuitable for a scooter. In the wet, I struggle to walk it. There isn’t another route. Again, thank you for your time

A scooter could get thru that wicket gate. Its massive compared to the ones round here. Just takes some manuvering thats all.

And hate to state the obvious, if she has a scooter - the she’s got her own seat! I can see you could not get a scooter thru the metal gates but if the scooter can cover the rough terrain, it can surely cope with a wicket gate.

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There is no wicker gate.

WICKET not wicker gate. The wooden effort shown in photo top right. Thats what they are called round here, you may call em somat different.

Fair enough. The photo doesn’t show the gradient. It’s got a couple of branches sticking out too. You could have a crack, but unless your chair is for off road, you wouldn’t. It’s bad enough walking it.