Some advice/ideas

Hello all. Not been here for a while… This is kinda relevant, but myself and fellow iceni folk are having a set to with local council. A field used for dog walking is being hijacked on the sly by other folk, and wheel chair access has been ignored. This access is for frail people with all ailments, and prevents them from meeting up with fellow walkers for what, for many, is the only interaction for the day. Their reaction is ‘it’s a field’, but their solution is to put down sand, which does nothing. Any m.s. bods had similar prejudice ? Any ideas to combat it ?

Hi Carraboy

Does your local authority have a working disability group assigned to them, or if not, what about getting in touch with the environmental officer at the council, or your local mp?

If it’s a place where folks walk their dogs and meet others, surely that would be discrimination if they don’t include disabled people?

Wishing you all the best.

Pam x

Hey Pam. You would think it wouldn’t you. They don’t seem too savvy to do with disability of any kind. Too busy skimming off the top… Thank you for your comment.

Get in touch with your local councillor, I caused wholly hell with ours when they decided to turn a local haunt into a Roman fort (only in Wales). Cheeky buggers said they had bought the land, which they had, but apparently because it is going to be open to the public they have been requested to put disabled access in. Path in place. After all, disabled or not, we are also public members. I don’t know if that happened because of my mouth, but it did. Worth a try.

Cheers Tracey.

Does the council have a twitter page? The name of each councillor should be available.

Hit them from all sides.


They have a Facebook page, but it’s difficult to navigate. Some would say that’s on purpose… We have a very savvy bloke in our group that knows of the dodgy goings on… Collating recon for the shit storm they’re not expecting. Thank you Steve. The field is for all, not just their fit, healthy able bodies mates.