Discriminated against ?

Does anyone ever feel that they are discriminated against , maybe not on purpose but in a mistaken way … friends or even family not inviting you to certain things …not asking but just assuming. I try to shrug it off it’s happend a few times, with having Autism in the family you would know why you hadn’t been invited …they never said but… your child was too much like hard work! . I was a bit surprised today …Myself and Lee are part of a group called “making space”, They had arranged an outing for the group to see a Ballet and we were down to go except …when I rang I was informed …“sorry it’s much to hard for you with being in a wheelchair, so we didn’t put your names on the list”. Ironically the group making space are there to provide respite for us as carers. The other thing the lady from making space said was, the “dealing with a crisis” workshop we were booked on might not want us to bring Frazer…but she’d find out …I told her that if Frazer wasn’t allowed they would be breaking the law! It’s a strange world isn’t it Michelle and Frazer ( assistance dog ) xx

OOOHHHH, Michelle!!!...I'm disgusted about this, such types of hypocrites want to promote how good they are at doing good and arranging Days Out for the less able. Then "Making Space Woman" decides who will be suitable or not. The group name is a total contradiction.

<small>Good for you to tell the woman (who has taken it on herself to interfere with the Dealing with a Crisis trip) to find out if they want you to go, simply because it was her decision the Dealing with a Crisis team might not want your assistance dog.</small>

<small>This really IS discrimination by the woman at Making Space. All wheelchair users HAVE to have access to theatres etc, Assistance Dogs cannot be refused entry, anywhere. How dare 'she or they' make these decisions "for you" yet not ask or even tell you.</small>

<small>If anyone at all needs a break Michelle, it is you my love, with all you have to put up with, yet tolerate with a smile. Finding love and joy in the ever faithful Frazer, still caring for your children. Hang on in there hon, and make yourself heard. You ARE right about Discrimination and total disrespect from the Making Space Groups.</small>

<small>Take care hon, Chrissie xx</small>

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Thanks Chrissie , i felt a bit sad not about missing an event but the reasons why …I said to Lee …" if you’d have had a normal wife not in a wheelchair you’d have been going. It’s funny how the organizations set up to help us discriminate against us. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m so sorry for your ordeal Michelle, it’s disgusting!

I hope today is better for you and Frazer,

Take care of yourself,

Nina xx

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Hmm. I’d be writing to the people "above " the lady you spoke to Michelle. There must be a chairperson, director or someone. This needs to be brought to the open either to educate the woman you spoke to or to put things right for the next time. If they are not informed of the problem it won’t be dealt with. Xx

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Yep Shell, try to get higher than Madam OTT. She’s the person discriminating! Poppy is right on (sounds like my old hippy days speak haha).

Miss M. Space is only making space by leaving members out! I wonder what her definition of discrimination actually is? She does it herself!!

Don’t get angry hon, Get Even. You know we’ll always support you xx


Oh Michelle that’s awful, definitely go higher than the woman you spoke to, she obviously needs advising reference discrimination, assistance dogs/guide dogs cannot be refused entry. It makes a total mockery of the name of the group, and goes against all that they are promoting.

I feel cross on your behalf, this is so wrong Michelle, I urge you, do not let them get away with it, you will be helping others in your situation as well by speaking up.

Dont let it get to you though, you are stronger than that, rise above her ignorance Michelle (((hugs)))

Pam x

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Yep I am not sure that you should let this one go Michelle get to the bottom of it and ask for a written answer as to why ? then go ton the directors etc of said org.

Love you Don


Hi Michelle, sorry you had to go through this I agree with Pam it does make a mockery of the group, it’s disgusting really.


J x

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Hi there Michelle. Take it easy out there, in this messed up world of nut jobs. Just had a friend leave after I helped her & as she left she made a snide jibe about giving to the community instead of sitting in all day, doing nothing. If she never visits again. It will be too soon. She’s off to do her 2 hours of work per week as a Youth Worker. Saying I should donate my skills for free, to make herself look good. Demanding free food & help, before poking fun, will get her places. Look after yourselves folks. Terry

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Thanks everyone , I know that you are right. It’s hard because this is a charity and people are supposedly doing a kindness . It’s not a right for me or any of the members to go on these events . We are told that we can pick 3 treats/ breaks they might be an overnight stay a visit to a spar or the theatre or even a pub lunch . We picked the Ballet as our 1st choice it didnt matter that we werent picked but i knew we would have been if if hadn’t been for the wheelchair and Frazer and when I rang to ask about the event I was told it was because I was in a wheelchair that we werent picked . It did make me sad . The daft thing is they’ve asked if Lee will do a workshop on additional needs and Guide dogs which is his expertise. I think it’s a new women who’s in charge of the breaks …unfortunately you will always get a "Do gooder " who feels that they are the “gate keepers” of the funds . Id find it hard to complain. I’d get upset. I don’t want to appear ungrateful…its a funny thing charity I can understand why some people don’t want any help. Lee might complain, he was upset for me , I’ll leave it up to him Michelle and Frazer xx


thats naff. That’s like a department that aims to get disabled people into work, giving a disabled person a written warning for sickness absence. Oh sorry, they did!!

Hi Shell, yes I see your position & concern. You have enough on to make a point that could turn into confrontation. I can’t believe their cheek to ask Lee to help them, while they just throw you off the list for the help they offer to the carers of the disabled, your son, saying you don’t qualify because you are disabled, need a wheelchair and assistance dog!

Message me with the details of trips, phone numbers of Making Space and their name(s) and I’ll ring them up on the basis of being a volunteer at Citizens Advice, not mentioning you, Frazer nor Lee.

You deserve a medal hon. Much love, Chrissie xxx

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Hello Michelle.

I can’t really add anything else other than certain barriers to wheelchairs and things can be overcome.

I can get into the most daunting of places with the help of friends.

I hate all this health and safety nonsense.

Best wishes, woof. xx

EVERYTHING about MS sucks! You are suddenly not the person you were. You have ‘limitations’ both self-inflicted and society inflicted. You try to carry on as well as you can - more than likely not possible. You want to carry on working the way you used to. Sadly you can’t because of fatigue/dizziness/tremors/weakness etc. etc. You welcome (?) in a world of conflict. You want to work full-time - your body says no. You think it would be a good idea to drop some hours - your bank balance says no. You HAVE to take time off sick and once back at work you get put on monitoring. Add STRESS and lots of it. The more stressed you are - the worse you feel. The worse you feel the more you need some time off. But you can’t take time off because you’re on monitoring. We are all stuck between a rock and a hard place, gradually being ground down by life. Yea I know i’m not in a good mood lol Love you all :slight_smile: Juls

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