Disability discrimination

Frazer and I has a bad day on Tuesday. I was in the park with my friend Ann and Naomi my little Granddaughter was sat on my knee. We decided to go to our favourite cafe for a coffee . We’ve been visiting this cafe for years and it always was the nicest place to go, unfortunately they had new management , I didn’t realise this until we were aggressively told no dogs…As many of you know Frazer isnt just a pet dog but is a trained to walk with my wheelchair, hes an assistance dog from Canine Partners and wears a special jacket showing this. I quickly realized that they were not budging on this and no amount of explaining made a difference. By this stage Naomi was upset and I was crying …its amazing how someone can make you feel so disabled and low about yourself. My friend Ann quickly sprang to my defense and the manager was called. The manager was very official and told me that only guide dogs were allowed . Thankfully Lee my husband arrived and told her to ring Canine partners. All was sorted and the manager apologised and even offered us free drinks but the girls serving were so unpleasant that we wont be going back again. It’s just a reminder not to be complacent…most people in Frodsham love me and Frazer but not everyone. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m really pleased the manager was put in her place and then the staff. Hopefully, word will get round Frodsham & Chester to affect the cafe’s trade. Their training policy should include disability and staff attitude is to be polite at all times!

Trip Advisor is a great place to leave honest reviews.

Chrissie xx

Thanks Chrissie , I dont like complaining really but I hope that the manager has learned her lesson , she did apologise but the staff were still very hostile , I’ve been going into that cafe for years, it used to be in the precinct area of Frodsham and the owners were lovely before I was disabled I used to take Ben and Molly and we were allowed to use the premises to run an autistic support group in the evening once a month. Sadly the Lady died and her husband relocated the cafe to the art centre in the park . It remained a fantastic place to go and many Frodsham disability groups went there. I cant see it being happy place to go anymore especially as they seem to have replaced all of the old staff. It’s a tragedy. Michelle and Frazer xx

Things like that always leave a sour taste in your mouth :frowning: I’m so sorry you went through such an appalling experience.

You have your revenge though by not giving them your custom again.

I had an issue today with a male shop assistant who refused to help pack my shopping so my revenge was to leave the whole lot on the counter and telling him to put it back on the shelf. There were 7 or 8 people in the queue behind me. I walked off and did my weekly shopping elsewhere.

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I’m sorry for you Horsemad , I’m sure he got the message . I think it’s so unfair when they watch us struggle. I had a bad experience in Mark’s and Spencer not so long ago and I felt so upset by it . I complained when I got home and they sent me a voucher and apologized . I wasnt so much wanting the voucher but was happy that they spoke to the horrible till assistant. Michelle and Frazer xx

What a horrible experience for you to endure. A great lesson in how to destroy years of goodwill.

I don’t know why there is a problem with dogs.

Best wishes. x woof.


So sorry to hear yr story. Things like this make my blood boil. These people are in the minority but boy do they affect us…

I hope you can find somewhere else for you and Fraser to frequent. Sending hugs.


Horse mad

So good to hear yr story. I will try and be like that next time I have a problem. Xx

Anne x

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Thanks Steve , most people are lovely in Frodsham, think what upset me the most was their attitudes. Maybe assistance dogs arnt as well known about but they didn’t want to listen. Frazer has the same rights as a guide dog and to deny us access is breaking the law . But I’ll not let it get to me , I’ll just find another place to go where we are welcome. How are you doing Steve ? I often think about you and I hope that your health starts to pick up again soon . Have you got more chemotherapy to go through?. Take care Steve and keep writing your wonderful blogs. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Ann, you are right… they are in the minority , we just have to keep going and stay strong . I’m just back from Morrisons with Molly and Naomi on my knee . She needs Nana to keep going and have lots of fun with her. We will just find another cafe . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi all. You know we can go for a day out and everyone we meet is kind and helpful…but it just takes that one nasty so and so and that`s who we remember most. And isn’t it so so wrong that we have to feel like this?. I very politely put unhelpful shop assistants etc in their place. But I boil inside…we need to vote with our feet (or wheels) and boycott those places. Glad Frazer had his rights acknowledged! Bouds x

Hello Michelle.

Hopefully, I’ve finished the chemotherapy. I’m just trying to get my strength back and sticking to a low dairy, gluten and carbohydrate diet to reduce my spasms. It’s certainly helped with fatigue. I’ve just paid for my fjord cruise in May. The NHS will have to work around me for a change. I have another MRI this week, a consultation a week tomorrow and an appointment with the cardiologist on the 28th.

Best wishes, x woof.

Hi Everyone

I’m really upset after reading your posts. How miserable must these people be? My job satisfaction used to come from knowing my patients were comfortable and pain free. To get a laugh and a smile on top of that turned a good day into a better day. How can anyone be happy in their own lives by going home knowing they’ve upset someone? I’ve always been really lucky going to the supermarkets, all the cashiers have slowed down and helped me pack my shopping.

I’ve been humbled and embarrassed at times, though I try not to show it, when some doddering old man struggles to hold a door open for me, his arms and legs shaking with the strain, when despite my weakness I look like Atlas in comparison.

You should be happy knowing what a positive outlook means to you and those around you. Many people walking around go home so much happier when you’ve smiled or spoken kindly tho them, as for many older people you might be the only person they’ve interacted with today.

Horsemad your response to rudeness was very good. I’ll bet some explaining had to be done to explain their added duties. I hope so anyway.

Cath x

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